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Emissary Veins
Communicate between veins in scalp and veins in diploic space. Blood flows inside to outside.
Dural venous sinuses
Lie between the two layers of dura mater (Periosteal/endostial and Meningeal).

Act as veins.

Injury to these veins can result in a subdural hematoma, which needs surgery to repair.
Middle meningeal artery
Runs within the dura mater, supplying mostly the bone, but some dura mater.

Bifurcates in middle cranial fossa to form Anterior and Posterior branches.

Can be lacerated and create a serious, acute epidural hematoma. Needs immediate surgical repair, can be life-threatening.
Superior Sagittal Sinus
In midline just below skull, almost all the way anteriorly. Drains back to Confluence on posterior aspect of cranial cavity.

Contains lateral lakes, Important clinically when you enter the skull, you need to know about these to avoid causing bleeds.
Left and Right Transverse Sinuses
Outer portion of brain just under the skull. Contribute as well to the large Confluence at posterior of skull.
Straight Sinus
In junction of Falx Cerebri and Tentorium Cerebelli.
Cavernous Sinus
Around Sellae Turcica.

Only place in the body where an artery (ICA) traverses a vein.

CNIII, CNIV, CNV1, CNVI pass through as well.
Sigmoid Sinus
S shaped, arises from transverse sinuses to become IJV. All sinuses drain into IJV.
Where do all cranial sinuses drain?
The IJV.
Sphenoparietal sinus
Runs under edge of the lesser wing of sphenoid.
Basilar sinus
Plexus running on the clivus.
Superior petrosal
Runs on top of petrous ridge. Drains into transverse sinus.
Inferior petrosal
Drains into IJV/sigmoid sinus
Midline Occipital Sinus
Runs on midline of occipital bone.
Marginal Sinus
Runs around foramen magnum.

If you are lying down, most drainage is through the IJV, but when standing, drainage tends to follow this marginal plexus, then into the Batson’s plexus (vertebral plexus).
Great Cerebral Vein of Galen
Drains deep structures of the brain.
Inferior sagittal sinus
Drains into straight sinus.