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who wrote TARTUFFE?
what are Moliere's characters like?
- gullible, respectful
what is Pernelle like?
mother of Argon
-likes Tartuffe
what does Orgon want to know when he first gets home?
how Tartuffe is
Has Argon lost his common sense? and what happened with the planned marriage of Valere and Mariane?
He is suiting his needs and not selecting a proper wife for Mariante
- it must end bc Argon likes Tartuffe better
what is stichomythia?
- taking a quick back and forth, witty dialogue
- alternating lines, or 1/2 lines are given to alternating characters, voices, or entities ( violent dispute )
what is Marianes dilemma?
- she cant marry Valiere
Tartuffe responds to Elmire by...
- how does Damis respond?
-what does Argon think of Damis' accusation?
-flirts with her
-Damis is outraged
-he does not beleive Damis
How does Tartuffe further trap Orgon? why does Argon sign everything over to him?
- by blackmailing him and telling him that he must leave the house
-bc Tartuffe is keeping secret illegal papers for Orgon
under what authority does Tartuffe claim to take orgon to prison and take possession of the house
- uses somone else as own manipulation for others
what is peripety?
- sudden reversal
what does the officer say about the prince?
- he is all knowing
How does Pernelle see kto exercise power, and how would she use Tartuffe?
- listens ling enough until he/she stops... uses guilt against people and shes says if you listen to "Tartuffe" everything will be fine