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what is absolutism?
ruler has unlimited power
how does Louis XIV follow the theocratic tradition? and how does absolutism work?
Louis XIV was "divine"
-absolutism works through enforcement
what does louis XIV see as the source of his power? and what does it mean for louis to say "i am the state?"
Sun; hence the Sun God
-absolutism, decision maker
what does le roi soleil mean?
the sun god
how does this typify louis
the "sun King"
Versailles orginally was... and why did louis put so much time, money and effort into it?
father's hunting lodge
-to symbolize his absolutism
how was Versaille laid out? why would he set it up this way?
- geometric, and the chateau that housed his bedroom was higher that everthing else
-higher, oversees everything, sets up this way to be higher
whats the architecture of the chateau like? what is a balastrade? what are porticos and pediments?
-long 2000 ft facade, accented with corinthian columns
-porticos are row of columns supporting the roof
-pediments are low triangular gablelike decoration as over a door/ window
regarding architecture, how do the fromal elements come together to convey a consistent content?
- classical, controlled, (control over nature)
what are Le Norte's landscape designs like?
- geometric, human control over nature
what is a salon?
drawing room
how was Versailles originally decorated?
- germanic architecture and decoration
what is the SALON DE LA GUERRE like? what classical elements does it show?
- equestrian Louis receiving victors crown, decorated in marble
- symmetry
what is the hall of mirrors like? what do the windows and the mirrors do?
-long hall, one side mirrors the other side windows
- reflect outside to the inside (bringing nature inside)
what was the function of the French Royal Academy of Language and Literature, and why would Louis institute it
- Louis subsidized govt sponsored institutions in the arts
what other academy's were there?
-painting and sculpture, dance
- the revival of classical style and subject matter
what is Girardon's statue of the APOLLO ATTENDED BY THE NYPTHS like? what is the content of the work, and how would it fit into the entire complex of Versialles?
- marble, nypths serving him
- obvious refrence to louis as the le roi soliel
who is Poussin? what is the subject of the Arcadian Shepards? how do the subject and technique combine to convey the content?
french artist
-painted the arcadian shepards: men and women live in harmony w/ nature
- his work appears to mind rather than senses
what is MOMENTO MORI (poussin)
- reminder of death
who was Lorrain? how does his art compare with Poussin? how did he create the ideal landscape?
- he has ideal landscape
- painted in high minded, idealized style usually found in traditional moral subjects
what is Rigaud's portrait of Louis like? how is it a good example of portraiture? what elements are included, how are they renedered?
- bold
- shows entire body length
- gives sense of character & how they want to be presented
-clothing slection is noble

portrait of Louis XIV
Apollo attended by the Nymphs
Arcadian Shepherds
The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah