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urban industrialism requires bringing lost of people to the area
how did our polity develop?
ethan allen and heros with shared struggles and war
depending on issues, how much does attendance vary?
diffusion paradigm:

the future
4 systems of democracy
1. greeks
2. commune system of swiss
3. russian commune
4. town meeting
vermont joins the union:
Why do high # of educated voters vote if they don't make a difference?
civic duty
female attendance at town meeting?
no home rule/legislative statuatory control
vermont: town must rewrite charter and present to leg. if no charter, Montpelier: you have to change whole const.
home rule/ constitutional
you can change town gov any way you want with 2/3 vote
2's company, 3's a crowd
larger the group becomes, the less you will loose.
authority lead to symmetry

everthing needs name, function

needed for hierarchy
1 person/ 1 vote in shires:
would violate this because geographically representation would be a must in a shire. Or combind shires for representation/
concentration needs to have hierarchy

decending leve of authoriy w/ each level controlling the next

must have for urban indust.
power of towns
weakest unit in america
Does education matter in turnout of town meeting?
no proof
refers to things bieng bifficult to change with symmetry
democratic centralism:
each level would elect the next, state would be more controlled by shires
Turnout in vermont town meeting?
defend town meeting 20'% turnout:
every year
phychic burden
loss of wages
has followed national trend
curva linear relationship in voter turnout
impact of people declines as town pop increases
pop per road mile explain what amount of varience?
men dominate
better in town meeting than other institutions
Australian ballot varience explains:
3% will hurt town meeting attendance
importance of vt early farming:
could become big enough, had to be inventive
no division of labor
dark age:
1840 - 1950
huge pop growth
trash environment:lumber port
sheep# 1,more impt than cotton
1910:graveyard everyone left
What amount of varience creates an impact?
leapfrog theory
vt jumped urban industrialism
remained technoligically inventive.
civic humanism
good and virtous society is one in which all individuals have the opportunity to develop towards self fulfillment that benefits all
curva linear relationship explains what amount of varience?
industries we had
machine tool industry
2 mills
Radicalism was proven by:
anti mason
anti slavery
tolerant of others
republican vote 1860-1958
What defines real democracy?
1. every person is a legislator
2. face to face
3. has to serve a general purpose governmetn
home rule/constituional
you have the right to change town, but is in statue books not constitution, easire to change
passage of time affects the varience:
concentration paradigm:

shaped second wave: the past
seven principles of shires
1. the democratic process is what is efficient
2. government size must seek it's own level
3.small dierect democracies necessary
4. give people total power in some things to learn
5. the more a policy relates to humans, the more it should be in their hands
6. reduce size of jurisdictions to make easy
7. decentrailization case by case is worse than none at all.
three impt details of constitution:
hard to amend
gives most power to the people
2 cases when policy came before constitution:
Court: Act 60
Legislative: 1969 constitution convention
voters paradox
you have abetter chance of being struck by lightening than making a difference in the vote.
the belief that you have an impact on political processes