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sollemnis, -e
annual, customary; solemn
taurus, -i
m., bull
macto, mactare, mactavi, mactatus
sacrifice, slay
geminus, -a, -um
twin, double, two
horresco, -ere, horrui
bristle; shudder, dread
refero, -ferre, rettuli, relatus
bring back; tell, recount
orbis, -is
m., circle, disk, ring; coils of a serpent
anguis, -is
m., serpent, snake
incumbo, -ere, -cubi, -cubitum
lie upon; glide over
(adv.) in like manner, equally; side by side
tendo, -ere, tetendi, tentus
stretch, strive, make for, try
iuba, -ae
f., mane, crest
sanguineus, -a, -um
bloody, bloodstained
(adv.) behind, after
lego, -ere, legi, lectus
gather, skim, sweep over
sinuo, sinuare, sinuavi, sinuatus
coil, wind
volumen, -inis
n., roll, coil, fold
sonitus, -us
m., sound, noise
spumo, spumare, sumpavi, sumpatus
foam, froth
salum, -i
n., the open sea, the deep
arvum, -i
n., ploughed land, field; shore
sufficio, -ere, -feci, fectus
supply, suffuse; (with sanguine) bloodshot
sibilus, -a, -um
lambo, -ere
lick, lap
move to and fro, brandish, vibrate
lingua, -ae
f., tongue
diffugio, -ere, -fugi, -fugitum
flee in all directions, scatter
visus, -us
m., sight, vision; prodigy
exsangius, -e
bloodless, pale, lifeless
agmen, -inis
n., army (on the march); course or trail of a serpent
certus, -a, -um
fixed, certain, straight, unswerving
amplector, -i, amplexus sum
embrace, clasp
implico, -are, -avi, -atus, (-ui, -itus)
enfold, embrace, twine around
morsus, -us
m., bite; fangs
depascor, -i, depastus sum
devour, feed upon
(adv.) afterwards
subeo, -ire, -ii, -itum
go under, come up to, approach
spira, -ae
f., coil, fold
ligo, ligare, ligavi, ligatus
tie, bind, wind around
collum, -i
n., neck
squameus, -a, -um
cervix, -icis
f., neck, crest
divello, -ere, velli, -vulsus
tear apart
nodus, -i
m., knot, coil
perfundo, -ere, -fudi, -fusus
pour over, drench, bedew
sanies, -ei
f., putrid blood, gore
ater, atra, atrum
black, dark; deadly
venenum, -i
n., poison
mugitus, -us
m., bellowing, roaring
saucius, -a, -um
incertus, -a, -um
uncertain; ill-aimed
excutio, -ere, -cussi, -cussus
shake out, shake off
securis, -is
f., axe
lapsus, -us
m., a sliding or gliding motion
delubrum, -i
n., shrine, temple
draco, -onis
m., serpent, dragon
clipeus, -i
m., large round shield
tremefactus, -a, -um
insinuo, insinuare, insinuavi, insinuatus
wind in, steal in, penetrate
pavor, -oris
m., fear, dread
expendo, -ere, -pendi, -pensus
weigh out; pay, expiate
mereo, -ere, -ui, -itus (2nd)
merit, deserve
cuspis, -idis
f., spear point, spear
laedo, -ere, laesi, laesus
injure, profane
sceleratus, -a, -um
criminal, impious, sacrilegious
intorqueo, -ere, -torsi, -tortus (2nd)
sedes, -is
f., seat; abode, temple
cry aloud, shout
divido, -ere, -visi, -visus
divide; break through
pando, -ere, -pandi, passus
spread out, throw open
(se) accingere
make ready for; throw oneself into (a task)
opus, -eris
n., work, labor
rota, -ae
f., wheel
stuppeus, -a, -um
made of hemp, hempen
scando, -ere, scandi, scansus
climb, mount, scale
fetus, -a, -um
pregnant, filled with, teeming with
puella, -ae
f., girl, maiden
funis, -is
m., rope, cord
gaudeo, -ere, gavisus sum (2nd)
rejoice, delight in
threaten, tower threateningly
inlabor, -i, inlapsus sum
glide into
limen, -inis
n., threshold, entrance
subsisto, -ere, -stiti
stop, halt
insto, -are, -steti, -statum
stand on, persist; press forward
immemor, -oris
(adj.) unmindful, heedless
furor, -oris
m., rage, fury
infleix, -icis
(adj.) unfortunate, ill-starred
sisto, -ere, steti, statum
stand; place, put
(abl.) by order of
festus, -a, -um
festive, festal
velo, velare, velavi, velatus
cover, veil; deck, adorn
frons, frondis
f., leaf, foliage; garland, wreath
involvo, -ere, -volvi, -volutus
wrap up, envelop
polus, -i
m., pole; sky, heavens
fundo, -ere, fudi, fusus
pour, scatter
sopor, -oris
m., deep sleep, slumber
complector, -i, complexus sum
embrace, clasp
phalanx, -angis
f., phalanx, army
reguis, -a, -um
puppis, -is
f., stern of a ship; ship
effero, -ferre, extuli, elatus
carry out, raise, lift up
iniquus, -a, -um
unfair, unjust
pineus, -a, -um
made of pine
laxo, laxare, laxavi, laxatus
loosen, undo
claustra, -orum
n., bolts, barriers; planks
patefacio, -ere, -feci, -factus
open, throw open, disclose
reddo, -ere, -didi, -ditus
give back, restore
dirus, -a, -um
dreadful, awful
demissus, -a, -um
let down, lowered
fabricator, -oris
m., contriver, framer
invado, -ere, -vasi, -vasus
go into, rush upon, assail
sepultus, -a, -um
buried; drowned
vigil, -ilis
m., sentinel, guard
pateo, -ere,- ui (2nd)
lie open
conscius, -a, -um
conscious; conspiring, confederate
aeger, aegra, aegrum
sick, weary
serpo, -ere, serpsi, serptum
creep, glide; steal upon
maestus, -a, -um
sad, sorrowful
largus, -a, -um
copious, abundant
effundo, -ere, -fudi, -fusus
pour forth
fletus, -us
m., weeping; tears
effundere fletus
shed tears
rapto, raptare, raptavi, raptatus
drag, drag along
bigae, -arum
f., two-horse chariot
pulvis, -eris
m., dust
traicio, -ere, -ieci, -iectus
throw across; pierce
lorum, -i
n., strap, thon; pl., reins
tumeo, -ere, -ui (2nd)
swell, be swollen
redeo, -ire, -ii, -itum
go back, return
exuviae, -arum
f., spoils
induo, -ere, -ui, -utus
put on, clothe
squaleo, -ere, -ui (2nd)
be filthy; be stiffened
barba, -ae
f., beard
concretus, -a, -um
grown together; matted, blotted
crinis, -is
m., hair
compello, compellare, compellatus
greet, address
expromo, -ere, -prompsi, -promptus
bring forth, utter
mora, -ae
f., delay, hindrance
expecto, expectare, expectavi, expectatus
expect, wait for
funus, -eris
n., funeral, death
defessus, -a, -um
wearied, fatigued
aspicio, -ere, aspexi, aspectus
look at, behold
serenus, -a, -um
clear, calm, serene
vultus, -us
m., countenance, look, features
cerno, -ere, crevi, cretum
perceive, see
delay; heed
culmen, -inis
n., top, summit, pinnacle
supero, superare, superavi, superatus
surpass, overcome, tower over
promo, -ere, prompsi, promptus
bring out
accingo, -ere, -cinxi, -cinctus
gird on
lying at their ease