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To read a magazine
Leer una revista
To read a novel
Leer una novela
to read a newspaper
leer un periodico
to cleam my room
limpiar mi cuarto
to clean my apartment
limpiar mi apartamento
to clean my house
limpiar mi casa
to drive
to meditate
to ride a bike
montar en bicicleta
to ride a horse
montar a caballo
to swim
to do nothing
no hacer nada
to go for a bike ride
pasear en bicicleta
to skate
patinar en linea
to iceskate
patinar en hielo
to paint
to practice, play a sport
practicar(un deporte)
to stay home
quedarse en casa
to have a picnic
tener un picnic
to play guitar
tocar la guitarra
to lie in the sun
tomar el sol
to drink, have a coffee
tomar un cafe
to have a coke
tomar una coca-cola
to have a pop
tomar un refresco
to have a beer
tomar una cerveza
to work in the garden, yard
trabajar en el jardin
to jog
use the computer
usar la computadora
to watch tv, movies
ver la tele, ver peliculas
to watch videos
ver videos