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he she puts
ele ela poe"
We put
nos pomos
you put (pl)
vos pondes
he she puts (pl)
eles elas poe"m
To want
I want
Eu quero
You want (tu)
tu queres
He she wants
ele elas quer
we want
nos queremos
you want (pl)
he she wants (pl)
eles elas querem
To Laugh
I laugh
Eu rio
you laugh
Tu ris
He she laughs
ele ela ri
we laugh
nos rimos
you laugh (pl)
vos rides
he she laughs (pl)
eles elas riem
to know
to know how to
I know
Eu sei
you know
Tu sabes
he she knows
ele ela sabes
we know
nos sabemos
you know (pl)
vos sabeis
he she knows (pl)
eles elas sabem
To Be (permanent)
I am
Eu sou
You are (tu)
tu e's
he she is
ele ela e'
we are
nos somos
you are (pl)
vos sois
they are
eles elas sao"
To Have
to keep
I have
Eu tenho
You have (tu)
Tu tens
he she has
ele ela tem
we have
nos temos
you have (pl)
vos tendes
They have he she pl
eles elas te'm