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arriver (arrivé)
to arrive
partir (parti)
to leave (a place), to go away
venir (venu)

revenir (revenu)
to come

to come back
naître (né)
to be born
mourir (mort)
to die
descendre (descendu)
to come down, to get off (any means of transportation)
monter (monté)
to go up, to get on (any means of transportation)
tomber (tombé)
to fall
entrer (entré)
to get in, to enter
sortir (sorti)
to go out, to exit
passer (passé)
to pass through, to stop by
rentrer (rentré)
to go home
devenir (devenu)
to become
retourner (retourné)
to go back somewhere again
aller (allé)
to go