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Sequor, i, secutus
(v) follow, attend, pursue, accompany, seek
Servo, are, avi, atum
(v) observe, watch; preserve, save, guard, keep, rescue; nurse
(adv) whether, if (only), in case that
(adv) thus, so, in this manner
(adv) at the same time, together
Simul Ac/Atque
(adv) as soon as
Sto, are, steti, status
(v) stand (fast us); halt; endure; stick (to), remain
Subeo, ire, ivi (ii), itus
(v) go under, bear; approach, enter; arise (dat)
Sum, esse, fui, futurus
(v) be, exist
(adv) above, beyond, left, in addition, upon, concerning, about (acc. abl.)
Surgo, ere, surrexi, surrectus
(v) raise, (a)rise, spring up, surge
(adv) at length, finally; pray
Tendo, ere, tetendi, tentus
stretch; hasten, strive, (ex)tend, aim; tent
Tollo, ere, sustuli, sublatus
lift, raise, upheave, stir up; remove, destroy
Traho, ere, traxi, tractus
drag (out), draw (in), lead, protract, spend
Tuli, Latus
(v) (perfect of Fero, ferre) bear, endure; wear; report, say; carry (off), plunder; extol; tend; grant, offer
Tum, Tunc
(adv) then, at that time; further
(adv) where, when, as soon as
(adv) as, when; that, so that; how
-ve, Vel
(adv) or, either, even; vel . . . . vel either. . . . . or
video, ere, vidi, visus
(v) see, perceive; (passive) be seen, appear, seem (best)
vinco, ere, vici, victus
(v) conquer, surpass
Voco, are, avi, atum
(v) call, name, address, convoke, invoke, invite, challenge
Volo, velle, volui
(v) will, wish, be willing
Volvo, ere, i, volutus
(v) revolve, (un)roll, roll (round, through); undergo