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To sell (imperfective)
Продавать (stress on end)
I sell (imperfective)
Я продаю (stress on end)
You (singular) sell (imperfective)
Ты продаёшь
He/she sells (imperfective)
Он/она продаёт
We sell (imperfective)
Мы продаём
You (plural) sell (imperfective)
Вы продаёте
They sell (imperfective)
Они продают (stress on end)
He sold (imperfective)
Он продавал (stress on 2nd a)
She sold (imperfective)
Она продавалa (stress on 2nd a)
It sold (imperfective)
Оно продавалa (stress on 2nd a)
They sold (imperfective)
Они продавали (stress on 2nd a)
Sell (imperfective)
Продавай(те) (stress on 2nd a)
To sell (perfective)
Продать (stress on end)
I sell (perfective)
Я продам (stress on end)
You (singular) sell (perfective)
Ты продашь (stress on end)
He/she sells (perfective)
Он/она продаст (stress on end)
We sell (perfective)
Мы продадим (stress on end)
You (plural) sell (perfective)
Вы продадите (stress on end)
They sell (perfective)
Они продадут (stress on end)
He sold (perfective)
Он продал (stress on o)
She sold (perfective)
Она продалa (stress on end)
It sold (perfective)
Оно продалa (stress on o)
They sold (perfective)
Они продали (stress on o)
Sell! (perfective)
Продай(те) (stress on a)
To buy (imperfective)
Покупать (stress on a)
I buy (imperfective)
Я покупаю (stress on a)
You (singular) buy (imperfective)
Ты покупаешь (stress on a)
He/she buys (imperfective)
Он/она покупает (stress on a)
We buy (imperfective)
Мы покупаем (stress on a)
You (plural) buy (imperfective)
Вы покупаете (stress on a)
They buy (imperfective)
Они покупают (stress on a)
He bought (imperfective)
Он покупал (stress on a)
She bought (imperfective)
Она покупалa (stress on first a)
It bought (imperfective)
Оно покупалa (stress on a)
They bought (imperfective)
Они покупали (stress on a)
Buy! (imperfective)
Покупай(те) (stress on a)
To buy (perfective)
Купить (stress on и)
I buy (perfective)
Я куплю (stress on end)
You (singular) buy (perfective)
Ты купишь (stress on y)
He/she buys (perfective)
Он/она купит (stress on y)
We buy (perfective)
Мы купим (stress on y)
You (plural) buy (perfective)
Вы купите (stress on y)
They buy (perfective)
Они купят (stress on y)
He bought (perfective)
Он купил (stress on и)
She bought (perfective)
Она купилa (stress on и)
It bought (perfective)
Оно купилa
They bought (perfective)
Они купили
Buy! (perfective)
To select (imperfective)
I select (imperfective)
Я выбираю
You (singular) select (imperfective)
Ты выбираешь
He/she selects (imperfective)
Он/она выбирает
We select (imperfective)
Мы выбираем
You (plural) select (imperfective)
Вы выбираете
They select (imperfective)
Они выбирают
He selected (imperfective)
Он выбирал
She selected (imperfective
Она выбиралa
It selected (imperfective
Оно выбирало
They selected (imperfective
Они выбирали
Select! (imperfective)
To select (perfective)
Выбрать (stress on ы)
I select (perfective)
Я выбeру (stress on ы)
You (singular) select (perfective)
Ты выбeрешь (stress on ы)
He/she selects (perfective)
Он/она выбeрет (stress on ы)
We select (perfective)
Мы выбeрем (stress on ы)
You (plural) select (perfective)
Вы выбeрете (stress on ы)
They select (perfective)
Они выбeрyт (stress on ы)
He selected (perfective)
Он выбрaл (stress on ы)
She selected (perfective)
Она выбрaлa (stress on ы)
It selected (perfective)
Оно выбрaло (stress on ы)
They selected (perfective)
Они выбрaли (stress on ы)
Select! (perfective)
Выбeри(те) (stress on ы)
To pay (imperfective)
Платить (stress on и)
I pay (imperfective)
Я плачу (stress on y)
You (singular) pay (imperfective)
Ты платишь (stress on и)
He/she pays (imperfective)
Он/она платит (stress on и)
We pay (imperfective)
Мы платим (stress on и)
You (plural) pay (imperfective)
Вы платите (stress on и)
They pay (imperfective)
Они платят (stress on и)
He paid (imperfective)
Он платил (stress on и)
She paid (imperfective)
Она платилa (stress on и)
It paid (imperfective)
Она платилo (stress on и)
They paid (imperfective)
Они платили (stress on first и)
Pay! (imperfective)
Плати(те) (stress on и)
To pay (perfective)
Заплатить (stress on и)
I pay (perfective)
Я заплачу (stress on y)
You (singular) pay (perfective)
Ты заплатишь (stress on second a)
He/she pays (perfective)
Он/она заплатит (stress on second a)
We pay (perfective)
Мы заплатим (stress on second a)
You (plural) pay (perfective)
Вы заплатите (stress on second a)
They pay (perfective)
Они заплатят (stress on second a)
He paid (perfective)
Он заплатил (stress on и)
She paid (perfective)
Она заплатилa (stress on и)
It paid (perfective)
Она заплатилo (stress on и)
They paid (perfective)
Они заплатили (stress on first и)
Pay! (perfective)
Заплати(те) (stress on и)
To order/reserve (imperfective)
Заказывать (stress on second a)
I order/reserve (imperfective)
Я заказываю (stress on second a)
You (singular) order/reserve (imperfective)
Ты заказываешь (stress on second a)
He/she orders/reserves (imperfective)
Он/она заказывает (stress on second a)
We order/reserve (imperfective)
Мы заказываем (stress on second a)
You (plural) order/reserve (imperfective)
Вы заказываете (stress on second a)
They order/reserve (imperfective)
Они заказывают (stress on second a)
He ordered/reserved (imperfective)
Он заказывал (stress on second a)
She ordered/reserved (imperfective)
Она заказывалa (stress on second a)
It ordered/reserved (imperfective)
Оно заказывало
They ordered/reserved (imperfective)
Они заказывали
Order!/Reserve! (imperfective)
To order/reserve (perfective)
Заказать (stress on third a)
I order/reserve (perfective)
Я закажy (stress on y)
You (singular) order/reserve (perfective)
Ты закажешь (stress on second a)
He/she orders/reserves (perfective)
Он/она закажет (stress on second a)
We order/reserve (perfective)
Мы закажем (stress on second a)
You (plural) order/reserve (perfective)
Вы закажете (stress on second a)
They order/reserve (perfective)
Они закажyт (stress on second a)
He ordered/reserved (perfective)
Он заказал (stress on third a)
She ordered/reserved (perfective)
Она заказалa (stress on third a)
It ordered/reserved (perfective)
Оно заказало (stress on third a)
They ordered/reserved (perfective)
Они заказали (stress on third a)
Order!/Reserve! (perfective)
Закажи(те) (stress on и)
To take (imperfective)
I take (imperfective)
Я берy (stress on y)
You (singular) take (imperfective)
Ты берёшь
He/she takes (imperfective)
Он/она берёт
We take (imperfective)
Мы берём
You (plural) take (imperfective)
Вы берёте
They take (imperfective)
Они берyт (stress on y)
He took (imperfective)
Он брал
She took (imperfective)
Она бралa (stress on end)
It took (imperfective)
Оно брало (stress on a)
They took (imperfective)
Они брали (stress on a)
Take! (imperfective)
Бери(те) (stress on и)
To take (perfective)
I take (perfective)
Я возьмy (stress on y)
You (singular) take (perfective)
Ты возьмёшь
He/she takes (perfective)
Он/она возьмёт
We take (perfective)
Мы возьмём
You (plural) take (perfective)
Вы возьмёте
They took (perfective)
Они возьмyт (stress on y)
He took (perfective)
Он взял
She took (perfective)
Она взялa (stress on end)
It took (perfective)
Оно взяло (stress on я)
They took (perfective)
Они взяли (stress on я)
Take! (perfective)
Возьми(те) (stress on и)
To remind (imperfective)
Напоминать (stress on second 'a')
I remind (imperfective)
Я напоминаю (stress on second 'a')
You (singular) remind (imperfective)
Ты напоминаешь (stress on second 'a')
He/she reminds (imperfective)
Он/она напоминает (stress on second 'a')
We remind (imperfective)
Мы напоминаем (stress on second 'a')
You (plural) remind (imperfective)
Вы напоминаете (stress on second 'a')
They remind (imperfective)
Они напоминают (stress on second 'a')
He reminded (imperfective)
Он напоминал (stress on second 'a')
She reminded (imperfective)
Она напоминалa (stress on second 'a')
It reminded (imperfective)
Оно напоминало (stress on second 'a')
They reminded (imperfective)
Они напоминали (stress on second 'a')
Remind! (imperfective)
Напоминай(те)(stress on second 'a')
To remind (perfective)
Напомнить (stress on first 'o')
I remind (perfective)
Я напомню (stress on first 'o')
You (singular) remind (perfective)
Ты напомнишь (stress on first 'o')
He/she reminds (perfective)
Он/она напомнит (stress on first 'o')
We remind (perfective)
Мы напомним (stress on first 'o')
You (plural) remind (perfective)
Вы напомните (stress on first 'o')
They remind (perfective)
Они напомнят (stress on first 'o')
He reminded (perfective)
Он напомнил (stress on first 'o')
She reminded (perfective)
Она напомнилa (stress on first 'o')
It reminded (perfective)
Она напомнилo (stress on first 'o')
They reminded (perfective)
Они напомнили (stress on first 'o')
Remind! (perfective)
Напомни(те) (stress on first 'o')
To remain/have left (imperfective)
I remain/have left (imperfective)
Я оставаю
You (singular) remain/have left (imperfective)
Ты оставаёшь
He/she remains/has left (imperfective)
Он/она оставаёт
We remain/have left (imperfective)
Мы оставаём
You (plural) remain/have left (imperfective)
Вы оставаёте