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Decheil sings like an angel in the church choir.
sings (action)
Jennie wrote a story about a beautiful princess.
wrote (action verb)
That boy is mean to me.
Is (helping or linking verb)
Jason listened to the radio station.
Listened (action verb)
My mother yelled at me last night.
Yelled (action verb)
Jonathan ran around the bases for a home run.
RAN (action verb)
Conner lost his book at the park.
Lost (action verb)
Christopher studied hard for his math test.
studied (action verb)
Cati read "The Three Musketeers" last week.
read (action verb)
Shawnee went to a party last weekend.
Went (action verb)
Isaac went on a trip to the beach this weekend.
went (action verb)
Mario does his chores quickly.
does (linking verb)
Deisy is unhappy with her spelling test.
Is (linking verb)
Stephanie does not like chocolate chip cookies.
does (linking verb)
like (action verb)
Tracey is always happy and telling jokes.
Is (linking verb)
telling (action verb)
The young girl is very pretty.
IS (Helping or Linking verb)
Casey looks carefully at the chrysalis in the jar.
looks (action verb)
Ivan is writing on Mauricio's paper.
Writing (action verb)
Matthew has a large, fluffy golden retriever puppy at his house.
has (linking verb)
Francisco took the orange ball from his brother's room.
took (action verb)
Stefani ate the entire chocolate cake by herself.
ate (action verb)
Dwayne and Moises argued over the yellow football.
argued (action verb)
Monica left her spelling book at home.
Left (action verb)