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Define Tantamount.
Equivalent; having equal force, effect, or value.
Define Pariah.
An outcast; a person despised or rejected by society.
Define Germane and name 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms.
Relevant, fitting, appropriate, precisely to the point. Synonyms: pertinent, suitable, applicable, apposite, apropos.
Antonyms: inappropriate, unsuitable, irrelavant, inapplicable, alien,, extraneous, incongruous, malapropos.
Define Licentious and name 6 synonyms and 3 antonyms.
Sexually abandoned; lacking moral restaint, especially in sexual conduct. Synonyms: lewd, loose, lustful, lecherous, lascivious, libertine, lubricious, lickerish, libidinous, bawdy, wanton, ribald, prurient, debauched, dissolute, salascious, and concupiscent.
Antonyms: pure, chaste, and virtuous.
Define Superannuated and name 3 synonyms.
Retired because of age, weakness, or ineffectiveness; old and worn out; out dated, outmoded, obsolete. Synonyms: timeworn, antiquated, decrepit, passé, and effete.
Define Egregious and name 4 synonyms.
Conspicuosly bad, remarkable or outstanding for some undesirable or offensive quality. Synonyms: flgrant, outrageous, excessive, shocking, gross, monstrous, notorious, grievous, and arrant.
Define Vapid and name 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms.
Lifeless, dull, boring, flat, stale; lacking spirit, interest, or flavour. Synonyms: unsavory, insipid, unpalatable, trite, prosaic, pedestrian, and jejune. Antonyms: lively, vigorous, vivid, animated, robust, vivacious, and emphatic.
Define Crotchet.
An odd notion or whim that one clings to stubbornly.
Define Epigraph.
An inscription; especially made on a building or monument, or a brief quotation at the beginning of a literary composition that suggests or is germane to its theme.
Define Expatiate and name 2 synonyms.
To elaborate, speak or wirte at great length. Synonyms: discourse, expound, descant.