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Define Sinecure.
A cushy job.
Define Predilection and name 4 synonyms.
A preconceived liking. Synonyms: fondness, leaning, bias, prejudice, predisposition, affinity, penchant, propensity and proclivity.
Define Imboglio and name 2 synonyms.
A difficult, perplexing state of affairs. Synonyms: entanglement, embroilment, predicament, quandary.
Define Ineffable and name 1 synonym.
Inexpressable, unable to be expressed or descrubed in words. Synonyms: unutterable, unspeakale, and indescribable.
Define Stolid and name 3 synonyms.
Not easily moved, aroused, or excited; showing little or no feeling or sensitivity; mentally or emotionally dull, insensitive, or obtuse. Synonyms: unemotional, unresponsive, sluggishm apathetic, impassive, indifferent, and phlegmatic.
Define Offal.
Waste, garbage, refuse, rubbish.
Define Lissome and name 2 synonyms.
Limber, flexible, moving with ease and grace. Synonyms: nimble, agile, supple, and lithe.
Define Mellifluous.
Flowing smoothly and sweetly, like honey.
Define Surfeit and name 4 synonyms.
To supply, fill, or feed to excess, especially to the point of discomfort, sickness, or disgust. Synonyms: sate, satiate, stuff, cram, glut, gorge, choke, inundate, and cloy.
Define Blandishment.
Flattering or coaxing speech or action; and ingratiating remark or gesture.