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abstenerse de
to refrain from
abusar de
to abuse / to overindulge in
acabar de + infinitive
to have just + past participle
acordarse de
to remember
acusar de
to accuse of
alegrarse de
to be glad about
arrepentirse de
to repent of
avergonzarse de
to be ashamed of
cansarse de
to get tired of
cesar de
to stop / to cease from
cuidar de
to take care of
dejar de
to stop (doing something)
depender de
to depend on
desesperar de
to despair of
disfrutar de
to enjoy (doing...)
disuadir de
to dissuade from (doing...)
encargarse de
to take charge of
gozar de
to enjoy
haber de (+ infinitive)
to be supposed to (do something)
hartarse de
to get tired of / to have enough of
factarse de
to boast of
ocuparse de
to attend to (a task / doing something)
olvidarse de
to forget to
oír hablar de
to hear about
parar de
to stop / to cease from
preocuparse de
to be worried about
quejarse de
to complain about
reírse de
to laugh at
terminar de
to finish
tratar de + infinitive
to try to + infinitive
tratarse de
to be a question of
aburrirse de
to get bored with
desconfiar de
to distrust
enfadarse de
to get annoyed at
entender de
to know about / to hear about
enterar de
to inform about
felicitar de
to congratulate on
persuadir de
to persuade about
presdindir de
to do without
desistir de
to desist from
fatigarse de
to tire of
guardarse de
to take care not to
librarse de
to get free from (doing...)
saciarse de
to have one's fill of (doing...)
gloriarse de
to boast of
jactarse de
to boast of
tratarse de
to be a question of
desdeñarse de
to not deign to