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What is the purpose of measuring the PCV?
To tell if the animal is anemic or not and to determine the percent of RBCs circulating in the peripheral blood at the time of collection
List three common measurements of the red blood cells
PVC - %
Total protein- g/dl
Unopette- RBC/mm^3
Fat in the blood - has a cloudy pinkish color
red/pink color
Yellowish color, liver problems
When performing a WBC count and/or a platlet count why is it recommended to let the unopette sit for 10 minutes prior to charging the hemacytometer?
This allows the red blood cells to hemolyze
On a hemacytometer where is the leukocyte count performed?
in all 9 the the big squares on the grid (both sides)
On a hemacytometer where is the platelet count performed?
only on the middle square of the grid (all 25 boxes)
What diluent is used in the BD Unopette system for the determination of leukocytes and plalets? What role does the diluent play?
Ammonium oxalate

it lyses the blood cells
What diluent is used in the BD Unopette system for the determination of leukocytes? What role does the diluent play?
Acetic acid

it lyses the blood cells
What precautions must be taken with the Diff Quick stain set?
~ covers on at all times: evaporate, doesnt spill, or become contaiminated
~ Use them in the correct order
Abnormally shaped erythrocytes
The RBCs are irregular with a few, unevenly distributed surface projections
Rouleau formation
the grouping or erythrocytes in a stack
A grouping of erythrocytes involving the bridging or clumping of RBCs - occurs in an immune-mediated disaorder
Why do we avoid evaluating the blood smear at the feathered edge
The cells are too spread apart and also may be broken into fragments and dont correctly represen the blood
What happens to the blood cells when we heat the slide up the drying process?
The cells are destroyed
Will a reticulocyte eventually lose its reticukum? why?
Yes the reticulocyte will lose its reticukum because within a few days it will mature into a RBC and no longer need the reticulum
Can one perform a reticulocyte cont on the blood of a horse? Why?
No because they do not release reticulocytes from the bone marrow even in the face of anemia
What is thrombocytopenia?
The presence of relatively few platelets in blood
What are 3 situations in which thrombocytopenia may occur in a dog or a cat?
~decreased production
~peripheral destruction
~mediated induced
seeks out and kills microorganisms, ingests as well
Band neutrophil
similar to regular neutrophil but nucleus is horseshoe shaped

immature neutrophil
work for immune system, respond to antigens
Reactive lymphocytes
immature lymphoid cells contain a nucleolus within the nucleus, usually surrounded by chromatin
respond chemically to bacterial products and complement fragments, control parasitic infection
precursors of macrophages, role of imune function
production of histamine and heparin
phagocytisis, antigen processing cells
Define Passive immunity
the immunity you receive from the colostrum of your mother or from vaccines. Not permanent.