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31 V.C
False information
2800.1 (a)(1)V.C
Evade peace office
4000(a)(1) V.C
Unreg vehicle (Expired reg)
4462.5 V.C
Proof of CA Reg (Fraud)
5200 (a) V.C
License plates (when 2 are issued)
5204 (a) V.C
Reg Tabs
10851 (a) V.C
Vehicle theft
12500 (a) V.C
Unlicensed Driver (auth to tow)
12951 (a) V.C
D.L; not in possession
14601.1 (a) V.C
D.L; Suspended or revoked
14601.2 (a) V.C
D.L; Suspended or revoked for DUI
14603 V.C
Restricted license
16028 (a) V.C
Proof of Insurance
20001 (a) V.C
Hit-Run: injury or death
20002 (a) V.C
Hit-Run; vehicle or property damage
21200 (a) V.C
Bicyclist treated as a driver of a vehicle.
21201 (d) V.C
Bicycle Equipment (Headlamp during
21204 (a) V.C
Bike seat
21212 (a) V.C
Bike helmet needed; under 18 yrs of age
21235 (a) V.C
Motorized scooter
21453 (a) V.C
Red Signal; At an intersection. Driver stop
at a marked limit line or before entering crosswalk or intersection, and remain stopped until directed to proceed.
21457(a) V.C
Red Signal; Flashing; proceed like stop sign.
21461 (a) V.C
Traffic sign or signal; Fail to obey (i.e. no
21650 V.C
Wrong side of roadway
21801 (a) V.C
Intersection; Left or U-turn
21802 (a) V.C
Stop sign or flashing red light
21803 (a) V.C
Yield sign
21804 (a) V.C
Highway; yield when entering and crossing
21950 (a) V.C
pedestrian within cross walk
21955 V.C
22101 (d) V.C
Turn sign or markings at an intersection
22107 V.C
Unsafe turn or fail to signal
22349 (a) V.C
Maximum Speed limit 65 mph
22350 V.C
Basic speed law (drive on a hwy faster than
is reasonable or prudent having due regard
for weather, visibility, traffic.
22450 (a) V.C
Stop sign
22451 (a) V.C
Railroad crossing when warning of
approaching train
22651 V.C
Vehicle tow authorities
(b) Blocked highway
(c) Stolen or embezzled vehicle
(d) Blocking private driveway
(h) (1) Arrested driver or person in charge of vehicle.
(o)(1) Registration; expired over 6 months
(p) Driver cited
23013 V.C
Reckless driving
23111 V.C
Throw burning Item (Cigarette)
23140 (a) V.C
Minor under 21yrs of age with BA of .05
23152 (a) V.C
DUI BA of .08 or more
Open container
M 23223(a)
Marijuana; driver possesses not more than one ounce
24252 (a)
Lighting devices: maintain in good working order
24601 (a)
License plate light
Window obstructed (Tint)
Seatbelts required
27360 (a)
Child restraints