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ONYX award is for 20,000 points
ONYX named after
The ONYX award was named after the 1st dog to achieve 20,000 points. He was a doberman pinscher
Flyball Web Site
For more information on North America's fastest growinging canine sport visit
Describe Flyball
One dog from each team, racing side by side in separate lanes, must go over four jumps, step on a flyball box pedal, catch (or retrieve) a tennis ball, and return over all four jumps to the start/finish line where the next dog eagerly waits.
#1 reason to bring pet to vet
15 years ago the most common underlying reason people brought their pets to veterinarians was infectious disease. Today the #1 underlying reason is obesidy. Infectious disease has slipped to #10 (probably because of vaccination programs).
How Does a Dog Earn Points
Points earned by the dog are determined by the time that the team runs
= Flyball Master Champion is achieved at 15, 000 points
= flyball master and is earned at 5000 points
- Flyball dog is achieved at 20 points
= Flyball dog excellent is achieved at 100 points
- Flyball dog Champion is achieved at 500 points
= Flyball Master Excellence and is earned at 10,000 points
Why do we have to hear about fly ball etc
The purpose of taking a commercial break in class time is to refocus on class material. The human brain can only absorb material for about 20 minutes. So by taking a break in the middle, the last 20 mintues of the lecture will probably be better absorbed
How many dogs in NA fly ball
Over 15, 000 dogs are involved in North America today
Ideal Body Condition
Did you know that keeping a dog in "ideal" body condition can add as much as 15% to it's life span?
Additional Awards
NAFA will add to additional awards in 2006 at 1000 and 2500 points but the name of the awards has not been disclosed yet.
What is the name of the rival fly ball organization
U- Fly
What is different about U-FLY
7” and 14” Jumps
- lower tf more attractive
Recognition Awards
5000 Bronze
10000 Silver
15000 Gold
20000 Onyx Plaque
30000 Plaque Grand Champion
40000 Big plaque then badges
100000 Points
Hobes (border collie cross) Award
Flyball Point Method
For each heat completed
< 32s 1 point per dog
< 28s 5 points per dog
< 24 s 25 points per dog
False Starts
2 and you are out
4 dogs plus 2 spares
Jump Height
4” below height of shortest dog