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function of the propeller system
converts engine torque into usable thrust
what part of the prop system has electrical anti/de-ice components
spinner (plastic material in front and rear) and blades (leading edge)
6 major components of the prop
front spinner
back spinner
propeller dome
propeller hub
propeller control assembly
function of the reduction gearbox
reduces power section RPM to range of efficient RPM
function of the torquemeter
measures the shaft horsepower output of the power section assembly
finction of the compressor assembly
consists of compressor air inlet housing, compressor rotor, two piece compressor case and difuser
function of the accessory drive housing
provieds mounting pads on the rear face of housing for fuel pump, external scavenge oil, fuel control and generator
function of the combustion section
six individual combustion liners evenly spaced in and snnulus formed by the outer and inner casings
function of the turbine section
turbine inlet casing and front bearing support, rotor vane casing, vane assemblies, and rear bearing support
function of the boost pumps
provide uniterupted fuel flow to both engines
purpose of the fuel tank vent
maintains fuel tank pressure at ambient values
function of the fuel quantity probes
transmit singnals to the fuel quantity indicators
function of the fuel jettison
dumping of excess fuel for proper landing weight
max pressure for fueling
60 psi
pressure for defueling
1-2 psi negative pressure
max fuel capacity
12,400 lbs