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purpose of the wingfold system
save space on the carrier and allow easier movement on deck
2 corrosion prone areas subject to runway spalsh and debris
landing gear and wheel wells
purpose of the tailskid
prevent damage to aircraft when assuming a tail down landing
purpose of the landing gear emergency extension system
3000 psi nitrogen bottle, lowers the landing gear only once because the nitrogen bottle cannot be recharged in flight
purpose of hydrolic patch test
determine the particulate level of the hydraulic system and the presence of free water or other foreign substances
max contamination for aircraft and SE
aircraft class 5- SE class 3
location of cockpit ditching hatch
above pilot and copilot
location of the ditching hatch emergency lighting
above and on both sides of hatch
bailout warning system
activated by pilot to inform crew of decision to abandon aircraft
hazard with moveable surface
personnel, GSE, and any other equiptment placed in the way
hazards withj anti-collision strobe lights
eyesight injury can occur
hazards with aircraft parking
overhead hatches are closed and nose faces away from sun, bubble windows can cause fire in the cockpit