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Alpha-1 Blockers: MOA
-Reversible blockade of vascular a1 receptors
-Reduction of TPR
-Dilation of precapillary arterioles
-Reflex increase in HR
Prazosin: Effects
-Selective a1 blocker
-Evidence of mild LDL/TG reduction, increased HDL
-Used in combo w/beta-blockers, diuretics
Prazosin: Side Effects
-Orthostatic hypotension
-"First dose phenomenon"
-Postural dizziness
-lack of energy
-Mild reflex tachycardia
-Increased renin
-Increased Na+/water retention
Prazosin: Interactions
-NSAIDS attenuate response
-Beta-blockers may enhance postural hypotension
-Caution in cardiac/renal failure
Other A1 selective blockers
Other A1 blockers
-Ketanserin: 5HT2A, 5HT2C blocker, a1 blocker
-Urapadil: al blocker, a2 agonist, 5HT1A agonist
-A1 selective blocker
-Benign prostatic hyperlasia
-Limited effects on vasculature
-Side effects:
Mixed Antagonists
-Labetalol: beta-blocker w/ISA at B2 receptors, A1 blocker (activity 5-10:1, B:A)
-Carvedilol: beta-blocker, A1 blocker, no ISA, MSA (activity 10:1, B:A)