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benign tumors of blood vessels
capilarry hemangioma
cavernous hemangioma
malignant tumors of blood vessels
kaposi sarcoma
benign bv tumor, capilary in skin (birthmark), cavernous in larger vessels (port wine)
kaposi sarcoma
malignant tumor of endothelial cells (AIDS), skin mucosal membranes and GI tract and lungs
malignant neoplasm of endothelial cells, skin and soft tissue, arsenic and vinyl chloride in liver
alterations of normal blood vessels to atherosclerotic plaque
accumulations of smooth muscle (monoclonal), accumulation of lipid (oxidized LDL by rec mediated uptake) in MO and SM cells, endolthelial cell injury and proliferation of SM cells, changes in integrity of of endothelium
complications of athersclerosis
occlusion of vessel (thrombosis, MI, stroke, gangrene), narrowing of lumen (ischemia, angina, TIA, claudication), embolism, aneurysm)
atherosclerotic aneurysm
distal aorta and common iliac, excision and replacement, hypertensives
dissecting aneurysm
proximal aorta, tear in intima dissects length of vessel, hemorrhage into extravascular space, cystic medial necrosis
venous pathology
vericose veins, DVT, lymphangitis
syphilitic aneursms
fusiform, ascending aorta nd arch, medial scarring, tree bark