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What is the fuel capacity of an Aero-1D drop tank?
295 Gallons
2006 Lbs
What type of fuel cell is the Mid Fuel Cell and what is it's capacity?
Bladder type
256 Gallons / 1741 Lbs
What is a DD Form 200 and what it's use?
-Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss
-used in conjuction with survey procedues of equipment
Who is authorized to sign A/C logbooks?
-O/I Level Maint Officer
-OMD officer
-D Level Director of Operations
What type of squadron is a VC?
-Fixed Wing Composite
-provides utility services & air services for fleet training
Gale Wind Warning
-warning for harbor, inland, & ocean area
-34 to 47 knots of wind
Describe VS squadron
-Fixed Wing Sea Control Squadron
-Provides carrier based search, surveillance and targeting, anti0submarine warfare, SAR operations, and mine warfare and tanking services
State the purpose of the combined hyrdraulic system.
-consist of 2 parallel power circuits
-provides power to primary flight controls & general utility systems
-power from either flight or ocmbined systems can be lost with no effect on operation of the primary flight controls
Idnetify the bomb racks and their locations.
AERO-7D : 4 Wing Stations
AERO-7B : 1 Centerline Station
What are the symptoms for heat exhaustion?
weakness, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, & nausea.
What is the treatment for heat exhaustion?
Move victim to cool place, loosen clothing, apply cool wet cloths to head, armptis, groin & ankles
What is procured with OFG-01?
Flight Operations Fund
-Aviation Fuel
-Ariel film, recording tape, & Chart Paper
-LOX & gaseous oxygen
-Flight Deck Shoes / safety shoes
Describe symptons of shock.
-Rapid, weak pulse
-Shallow, rapid, irregular breathing
-Pale, cold & clammy skin
-Pupils dilated & lack luster
-Nausea, comiting, & thirst
-Profuse sweating
Amphibious Helo Deck
What is the internal fuel capacity?
-wings 977 gallons
-mains 1291 gallons
Storm Wind Warning
-Warning for harbor, inland waters, & ocean areas
-winds >48 knots
Briefly describe the 5 volumes of the NAMP
-Vol I: concepts, policies, organizations, maintenance support procedures & O/I level maintenance
-Vol II: Depot Level Maint
-Vol III: Maintenance Data Systems
-Vol IV: AV3M Data Processing Requirements
-Vol V: Standard Operating Procedure
What type of squadron is a VRC
Fleet Logistics Squadron (COD)
-Provides carrier onboard delivery services to aircraft carriers
-Transports personnel, cargo, and mail
Ship: AR
Repair Ship
What is the purpose of NAVFLIRS?
-Single source of flight data for the aviation maintenance & material system (AV-3M), individual flight activity reporting system (IFARS) and Navy Logistic Informatino System (NALIS)
What type of a fuel cell is the aft fuel cell and what is it's capacity?
-Self sealing type
-643 gallons / 4372 Lbs
What are the symptoms of heat stroke?
-High body temp (105+)
-hot dry skin with no sweat
What is the treatment for heat stroke?
-get the person indoors
-remove clothing
-apply cool water followed by fanning
-apply icepacks to groin & armpits
-lay the person down & raise their feet
What type of fuel cell is the foward fuel cell and what is it's capacity?
-Self sealing type
-392 gallons / 2666 lbs
What are the symptons of nerve agents?
-difficulty in vision
-constrictions of the pupils
-runny nose
-stomach cramps
-rapid breathing
-tightness of chest
-twitching muscles
-cessation of breathing
State the 6 area os Naval Doctrine.
-Command & Control
Ship: LPD
Amphibious Transport Dock
Ship: CG
Guided Missile Cruiser
Ship: FFG
Guided Missile Frigate
Identify the steps of ORM
-Identify hazards
-Assess Hazards
-Make Risk Decisions
-Implement Controls
What is the purpose of Atropine/2 Pom Chloride?
Treat the initial symptoms of nerve agent poisoning.
What type of squadron is a VR?
-Fleet Logistics
-Land based heavy lift capability
Ship: DD/DDG
DD - Destroyer
DDG - Guided Missile Destroyer
What type of squadron is an HC?
Helicopter Composite
-helicopter SAR
-vertical replenishment
Ship: MHC
Coastal Minesweeper
What type of squadron is a VT?
Fixed Wing Training Squadron
What type of squadron is a VAQ?
Tactical Electronic Warfare
What was the first A/C carrier?
USS Langley
Describe Mopp Level IV
-All protective equipment is worn w/ hood up & secured
-Exposed topside personnel will don rain gear over protective suit
Ship: SSBN
Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine
What is the purpose of the slats?
used at low speeds to help increase lift
How many hydraulic reservoirs are there & where are they located?
-2 hyd reservoirs (flight & combined)
-Flight reservoirs located on right side & Combined reservoirs located on port side
What type of squadron is a HCS?
Helicopter Combat Support
-perfors SAR in support of aircraft carrier and amphibious operations
Describe MOPP level II
-protective suit donned
-mask with unopened canister, boots & gloves are carried or lacated at battle stations
Define a Class A mishap
-reportable damage >$1 Million
-injury or work-related illness resulting in death or permanent total disability
What is the OPNAV Report 5500-1 and what is it used for?
-Missing, Lost, Stolen Report
-covers itmes codded as sensitive & applies to all Navy property requiring DD 200
Small Craft Wind Warning
-Harbor & inland water warning
-winds less than 33 knots
What are the categories of HM?
What type of squadron is a VF?
Fixed Wing Fighter Squadron
-provides offensive & defensive air to air
State the safety precautions used when sesrvicing A/C tires
-Stand fore & aft of tire
-inflate tire in 10 psi increments
-50% above max tire pressure or 600 psi, whichever is less
What type of squadron is a HS?
Helicopter Anti-Submarine
-Anti submarine force for aircraft carriers
-SAR and logistic support of battlegroup
Tropical Storm
-warning for land, harbor, inland waters, & ocean area
-34 to 63 knots
Battle of Guadalcanal
-August 7, 1942, to February 9, 1943
-longest battle of Pacific war
-3 major carrier battles where A/C provided CAS to marines on Guadalconal
Ship: AO
Fleet Oiler
-carries fuel, oil, gas, & other petro products
Ship: LSD
Dock Landing Ship
Deep Underwater Blast
-nuclear weapon detonated at such a depth that the gas bubble expands & contracts several times before it vents to the surface
Discuss how naval aviation supporst amphibious assault.
Naval A/C aid & support operations w/ use of variety of weapons & firepower
IM-143 Pocket Dosimeter
Self-reading dosimeter that measures radiation
What type of squadron is a VQ?
Fleet Air Reconnaissance
-electronic warfare support
What was the first jet powered A/C?
FJ-1 Fury
What type of squadron is an HSL?
Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light
-undersea warfare
-anti ship surveillance
-provides LAMPS helo detachments aboard cruisers, destroyers and frigates
Ship: AD
Destroyer Tender
-services surface ships
Ship: SSN
Fast Attack Submarine, Nuclear
Ship: PC
Patrol Craft
DT-60 Personnel Dosimeter
nonself-reading high-range dosimeter
Who was the 1st naval aviator in space and what wa the date?
-CDR Alan B Shepard
-May 5, 1961
How does naval aviation support reconnaissance / surveillance?
provide over-the-horizon surveillance
What type of squadron is a VAW?
Airborne Early Warning
-provides early warning services
Ship: AS
Submarine Tender
What is Newton's 1st Law?
-an object at rest will remain at rest
-an object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an opposite action
What is the function of the flaps & where are they located?
Semi-fowler slotted flaps
-used to provide lift during takeoff & landing
-located on the trailing edge
Define ESM.
Electronic Surveillance Mission
State the engine model/design.
Turbojet J52-P-408A
Define APC
Approach Power Compensator
Ship: MCS
Mine Countermeasure Ship
What is AFM and what is procured with it?
Aviation Fleet Maintenance Fund
-paints, wiping rags, towels, and cleaning agents used in A/C preservation
-consumable parts
-fuels for SE
-repair and maintenance of flight clothing
Define Class C mishap
-property damage $10k to $200k
-worke related injury preventing an individual from performing regularly scheduled duty or work beyond the day or shift on which the mishap occured
What are the 3 hydraulic systems?
What is the purpose of the drogue chute?
to stabalize & decelerate the seat & to position the seat in the proper attitude for aircrew separation
Emergency oxygen
RSSK-7 survival kit was 94 cubic inches capacity and last aprox 15 min

SKU-2/A survival kit has 100 cubic inch capacity and last aprox 20 min
What are the basic requirements for hearing conservation?
-continuous or intermittent sound at 84 dB for 8 hours
-140 dB impulse noise
Battle of Midway
3 to 6 June 1942
-turning point of the war in the Pacific
-Japanese suffered heavy losses
Ship: ASR
Submarine Rescue Ship
Hurricane / Typhoon
-warning for land, harbor, inland waters & ocean areas
-greater than 64 knotts
What is Newton's 3rd Law?
for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction
Ship: LCC
Amphibious Command Ship
What type of squadron is a HM?
Helicopter Mine Countermeasures
-used for mine destruction and mine sweeping
What is Newton's 2nd Law?
an object moving with uniform speed is acted upon by an external force, the change in motion will be directly proportional to the amount of force & inversely proportional to the mass of the object being moved
What is the function of the slats and where are they located?
-They provide additional lift durring takeoff & landing
-Located on the leading edge
What is the purpose of the auxiliary hydraulic system?
-ground operation of the radome & birdcage
-pressurizes the wheel brake accumulator for auxiliary & emergency operation of the wheel brake
What are the EA-6B danger areas?
-all moveable surfaces
-25ft from centerline & in front of the intakes
-80ft from exhaust at low power
-200ft from exhaust at high power
Describe MOPP Level 1
-protective equipment is issued
-mask fitted for immediate use
-new filter canisters located at battle station
What is the MCU-2/P?
-protects face, eyes, nose, throat & lungs against CBR agents
Define WASEX
War At Sea Exercis
-coordinated training attack on ship(s)
Describe the EA-6B ejection seats
-4 Martin Baker MK-GRUEA-7 seats
-can eject at ground level and through the entire speed and altitude of the A/C
Describe the ejection timing sequence of the EA-6B ejection seats
-E3 @ time 0 seconds
-E2 @ time 0.4 seconds
-E1 @ time 0.8 seconds
Pilot @ 1.2 seconds
Define EWCAS
Electronic Warfare, Close Air Support
-providing SEAD in support of CAS