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Example of natural strain used in MLV...
T herpesvirus used in Mareks disease
Genetic engineering for what 2 viruses with RLV?
Herpesvirus and psuedorabies
Engineering of recombinant vaccinia virus vaccines..
thymidine kinase and other non-coding regions are deleted and genes coding for other immunizing antigens of other viruses are added
What is the only disadvantage shared between MLV and RLV?
possible latency at gene level
Examples of viruses with teratogenic effects...
bovine rhinotracheitis
How are killed vaccines made?
chemicals are used to preferentially damage and thus inactivae viral genomes
Why are killed vaccines more expensive?
The entire antigenic mass must be injected
Which AG has the highest potential for inducing infectivity neutralizing AB?
The HA structural protein
How are recombinant subunit viral vaccines made?
expressing the respective genes in an appropriate expresion system
Examples of recombinant subunit viral vaccines...
Prevent feline leukemia
Viral hepatitis in humans(B)
How are RSV vaccines made for DNA viruses?
clone genes into vectors such as bacterial plasmids or viral vectors such as vaccinia virus
What must be done to RNA viruses before they can be cloned into the vector?
reverse transcriptace using retrovirus transcriptase to make cDNA
What is a major disadvantage of RSV vaccines?
Protein type produced is not restricted thus may not provide immunogenicity in all cases
category 1
killed or recombinant subunit
category 2
MLV or RLV without certain virulence factors
category 3
RLV with gene deletions and insertions of foreign genes
category 4
gene based vaccines
Vaccines used in pregnant animals...
temperature sentitive
What does a subunit viral vaccine contain?
specific antigenic viral proteins inducing protective immunity
Gene based vaccinations...
DNA instead of protein is inserted