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Rec = 11-12
Catch up = 13-18
3 doses from 11-12
High risk = 7-10
Rec = 11-12
Catch up= 13-18
What two vaccines are needed for high risk 7-18 yr olds
Pneumococcal and Hep A
Which 4 vaccines are given to patients from 11-12 yrs old
TDaP, HPV, MCV, Influenza
Which 4 vaccines are only given as catch ups for kids age 7-18
Hep B, Inactivated Polio, MMR, Varicella
How often do you give TdaP after 18 yo
every 10 years give a booster
how many doses of varicella do you get after age 18?
2 doses total
What is the oldest a person can get HPV?
What age do yoou begin giving Zoster?
How many doses of MMR do you give between 19 and 49? What about after 49?
Between 19 and 49 = 1-2 dose required

after 49 = 1 dose recommended
Pneumococcus is mandatory after what age?
65 years old you fucking asshole
How many doses of the following vaccines are given after 19?
- Meningococcus
- Hep A
- Hep B
- Meningococcus = 1+
- Hep A = 2 doses
- Hep B = 3 doses
What 3 vaccines are contraindicated during pregnancy?
varicella, zoster, MMR
What vaccines are required in patients with HIV?
Influenza, TDaP, Pneumococcus

Contraindicated = varicella, zoster, MMR
Hep B vaccine is especially mandatory for what workplace demographic?
healthcare workers!!!!