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to climb mountains
escalar montanas
to ride a horse
montar a caballo
to fish
pescar (que)
to acmp
hacer camping/acampar
to go on an excursion
ir de excursion
to snorkel
to go to an amuseument park
ir a un parque de diversiones
to canoe
remar en canoa
to see a show
ver un espectaculo
to chat in a cafe
charlar en un cafe
to buy souveniers
comprar recuerdos
to go to a concert
ir a un concierto
go have dinner in a fancy restaurant
cenar en un restaurante elegante
to taste wines
degustar vinos
to go kayaking
hacer kayak
to go bungee jump
hacer el salto de bungee
to go rafting
hacer rafting
to sky dive
practicar el paracaidismo
to surf