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House many House of Reps are there?
How many house of reps per amount of people?
1 for 600,000
At least How many reps per state?
Qualifications for House of Reps?
25 years and 7 years citizen
How many years between elections for house of rep?
2 years
How many members of the seante exist?
How many senate per state?
What are the qualifications for becoming a member of the Senate?
30 years old
Who is the President of the Senate?
Vice President of the United States
How many years between elections for the Senate?
6 years (1/3 of senate up for re-elections)
What makes up the Execute Branch?
President, Vice President, and Depeartment of Secretary Heads
What makes up the Judicial Branch?
Supreme Cout, Appellate Court, and District Court
What are the terms for the Supreme, Appellate, and Distict Court?
Who approves the Judicial Branch?
Appointed by President, approved by Senate
What are the purpose of Federal Powers?
Open Borders
Free-Flowing Trade
Limit Restrictions between states
What are the Federal Powers?
Declare War
Post Office --> Echange Comm
Interstate Commerce
Social Security
Air Travel
When is the primary convention?
Fist Tuesday in November
When is the Raw Vote?
First Tuesday after first Monday in November?
What is the Raw Vote?
Projected winner of electoral college
How many members are in the electoral college?
What makes up the electoral college
435 Rep
100 Senate
How many votes must the electoral college get to declare a new president?
What happens if 270 votes are nto received in the raw vote?
Each state gets 1 vote, first to get majority of states win presidency
What qualifies impeachment?
High crimes and misdeomeners
HOw does the process of Impeachment begin?
House of Reps as Prosecutor
* charges with unlawful activity filed
* majority vote proceeds to trial or else dropped
What happens after the vote is moved to trial?
Process moves to Senate (jury)
Who is the judge in an impeachment case?
Cheif Justice of Supreme Court
Who is the prosecutor in an Impeachment case?
House of Reps
Who is the jury in an impeachment case?
How many votes does the senate need to remove the president from office?
60 votes, if not chrages dropped
Who were the 3 presidents to be charged with impeachment?
1. Andrew Johnson - failed by 1 vote
2. Richard Nixon - Resigned 74
3. Clinton - 1998
What are the Bill of Rights
Amendments 1-10
First Amendment
Freedom to religon, press, and speech
Second Amenendment
Freedom to Bear Arms (Gun Control)
Third Amendment
Right to Not Quarter Soliders (no longer in practice)
Fourth Amendment
Freedom to warrants, searches, and seizures (criminal law)
Fifth Amendment
Grand Jury Requirment - Double Jeopardy
(criminal Law)
Which amendment relates to miranda rights?
Fifth Amendment
Which amendment details you can not be deprived of life, liberty, or propery without due process
Fifth Amendment
Sixth Amendment
Righ to speedy trial by imparial jury
What is considered a Speedy Trial?
90-160 days depending on state
Seventh Amendment
Civil Law
Eigth Amendment
Excessive bail/ bond not permitted
Ninth Amendment
Constitution hasn't included every right
Amendment 13
Abolishes Slavery
Amendment 14
Due Process/ Equal Protection
Which amendment states that all citizens have equal rights?
Fourteenth Amendment
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Right to vote based on Sex
Ammendment 21
Abolished prohibition
Amendment 23
District of Colombia
Amendment 24
Poll Tax
Amendment 26
18 to vote
Amendment 27
Not pay raise during term
What does Juristiction mean?
Territoral -- crime is tried where crime takes place

Subject Matter -- different court systems
What is the Term limit for the President?
2 terms = 10 years
What is the sucession of President?
Vice President
Senate Pro Temp
Senetate Majority
Secretary of Defense
What are the decision of allocating resources?
Utilize no resources or Utilize all resources
If you utilize no resources what interest are you promoting?
If you utilize all resources what interest are you promoting?
What are the 3 choices made?
Favor enviornmental interest
Favor econimical interest
Balance both (not always practical)
What is exponential growth?
Very rapid growth ex. population
What are the 4 Universal Possibilites with Enviornmental Management with Resources
1. Preserve Reource
2. Economic growth/production
3. Infrostructure
4. Recreation/Aesthetics
What are 5 interesting facts with Flag Burning?
1. It is a misdemeanor - 5000 fine and 1 year in jail
2. Flag Protection Amendment in 1989
3. Protected by first amendment
4. Considered "Anti - American"
5. Anyone who mutilates the flag can be punished
What are 5 interesting facts with Freedom of Press
1. Prevents Freedom of Expression
2. Has a bias
3. Ability to criticize gov
4. Exceptions are libel, malice, defamation
5. government can't pass a law that requires newspapers to publish info against their will
What are 5 interesting facts about the Energy Policy?
1. The house of reps approved the National Energy Security Act in August 2001
2. Bill was defeated and doe not allow oil drilling in ANWR
3. Bush Administration opened the region around Teshepuk Lake to drilling
4. Ecological consequences disturbance, extinction of species,
5. Oil-drilling interests are focused on ANWR costal plan - 1.5 million acres along Alaska
Economic Development in ANWR
Creates 250,000—750,000 jobs
2004- 150 billion dollars on oil
2000 acres will be effected by drilling
77/567 wildlife preserves have drilling
What is the US Law based from?
Constitution or Common Law
What is the definition of Law?
A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.
What is the definition of public policy?
The basic policy or set of policies forming the foundation of public laws, especially such policy not yet formally enunciated.
What is the definition of policy?
A plan or course of action, as of a government, political party, or business, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matters: American foreign policy; the company's personnel policy.