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Annoyance, irritation
Vexation (n)
Annoy or puzzle
Vex (v)
Alerly watchful
Vigilant (adj)
To defame, characterize harshly
Vilify (v)
Extremely harmful or posonous, bitterly hostile or antagonistic
Virulent (adj)
Thick, Sticky
Viscous (adj)
To reduce the value of, debase, spoil, make ineffective
Vitiate (v)
To use harsh condemnatory language; abuse or censure severely.
Vituperate (v)
Readily changing to a vapor; changeable, fickle, explosive
Having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit, ravenous
Voaracious (adj)
A light breeze, a puff
Waft (N)
To move to and fro, to sway; to be unsettled in opinion
Waver (v)
To writhe, to toss about, to be in turmoil
Welter (V)
To go, proceed, walk
Wend (v)
Fervent, ardent, impassioned
Zealous (adj)