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si/sx of optic glioma
slowly progressive unilateral vision loss, decreased brightness sensation, exophthalmos
what is the eye manifestation of tuberous sclerosis
retinal hamartoma
what are the tumors of MENI?
Pituitary adenoma, pancreatic tumors (gastrinoma, VIPoma, glucagonoma), parathyroid adenomas
what are the four syndromes of lacunar infarcts?
1. pure motor hemiparesis
2. pure sensory stroke
3. ataxic-hemiparesis
4. dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome
what causes pure hemiparesis-type lacunar infarcts?
infarct in the posterior limb of the internal capsule,
si/sx of pure hemiparesis lacunar infarct?
unilateral motor deficit (face, arm, leg), no loss of vision or higher cortical function
what causes a pure sensory lacunar infarct?
infarct in the ventroposterolateral nucleus of the thalamus,
si/sx of a pure sensory lacunar infarct?
unilateral numbness, paresthesias, involving face, arm , leg
what causes ataxia-hemiparesis lacunar infarcts?
infarct in the posterior limb of the internal capsule
si/sx of ataxia-hemiparesis lacunar infarcts?
weakness that is more prominnent in the lower extremity, ipsilateral arma nd leg incoordination
what causes dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome?
infarct in the basis pontis
si/sx of dysarthria-clumsy hand syndrome?
hand weakness, mild motor aphasia, NO sensory abnormalities
three phases of hepatitis infection
prodromal, icteric, convalescent
si/sx of acute hepatitis A?
nausea, vomiting, mild abdominal pain, aversion to smoking
treatment of hepatitis A?
supportive, give contact immunoglobulin
what treatments improve survival in pts with chronic renal insufficiency?
protein restriction and ACE inhibitors
when should ACE inhibitors NOT be used in renal failure pts?
when creatinine is over 3-3.5
what is the hallmark finding in mitral stenosis?
elevated left atrioventricular pressure gradient
treatment of mediastinitis
open debridement and abx
how do you give viagra to pts on alpha blockers?
make sure they take them greater than 4 hours apart
what do you order if a pt has gouty attacks while on colchicine?
24 hours urine uric acid
most common place for basal cell carcinoma
lower eyelid margin
what is the most common cause of asymptomatic elevation of alkaline phosphatase in the elderly?
paget's disease, even with normal calcium and phosphorus
absolute contraindication for bupropion?
what is a chalazion?
tear gland of the eyelid becomes obstructed, a painfull swelling that progress to a non-painful rubbery lesion, may house a squamous cell cancer, so get histologic examination
what are the phosphorus levels in hyperparathyroidism?
what are the phosphorus levels in multiple myeloma
define heat exhaustion
volume and salt depletion from heat, may have vertigo, impaired judgement, nausea, vomiting, frontal headache
best drug for acute hyperthyroidism
beta blocker
most common bug in nursing home pneumonia?
strep pneumonia
what are unmeasured cations in the blood?
calcium, magnesium, phosphorus
BP goal for diabetics?
si/sx of HUS?
recent diarrheal illness, fever, anemia, renal failure, thrombocytopenia, shistocytes, thrombocytopenia
si/sx of mesenteric ischemia?
food fear, weight loss, pain after eating, abdominal bruit,
treatment of mono
rest, avoidance of contact sports, steroids if there's upper airway obstruction, hemolytic anemia, or thrombocytopenia
karyotype in Kallman's syndrome
46, XX or XY (normal)
si/sx of Kallman's syndrome
anosmia, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, amenorrhea, absent secondary sexual characteristics, euchonoid stature
what causes the si/sx of Kallman's syndrome?
absence of GnRH
how is routine diabetes screening done for pregnant women?
it's done at 24-28 weeks, with a one hour 50gm glucola test as a screening test. If that's positive (>140), it's followed with a 3 hour, 100gm test which is positive if two or more values are elevated
what is the best test to confirm GERD?
24 hours pH monitoring
how do you treat migraines in pregnant pts?
NOT triptans!!!! or NSAIDS!!! use tylenol
in which pts are triptans contraindicated?
pregnant pts, those with CAD, uncontrolled HTN, CVA
which pts get chlamydial screening?
sexually active women 25 years old or younger
immediate management of chemical eye burns
irrigation for at least 30 minutes with water, even if they're at home, irrigate before going to ER
what is the most important predictor of mortality in TCA overdose pts?
QRS prolongation
what is the recommended screening test for lipid disorders?
HDL and total cholesterol.
what do you do for a suspected VSD
if no pulmonary sx, all they need is EKG, echo, and surveillance, endocarditis prophylaxis, most close spontaneously