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Influencing the contractility of muscular tissue.Inotropic
Avoid drugs which have a positive effect on this when treating patients with Mitral Stenosis
High-Pitched, Holosystolic murmurs at apex which radiates to axilla.
Laterally diplaced PMI with Left Ventricular Heave
Mitral Regurgitation
Severe Mitral valve Prolapse can lead to this
Type of Hereditary Nephritis which is associated with Nerve Deafness
Alport's Syndrome
Sounds kindof like Kavon's last name...the guy from middle school who ran your campaign for presidency...
Name for Primary Adrenocortical Deficiency
Addison's Dx
Guy played tennis with you when you were with Jerry and dated Suzy Bell...last name...
Type of anemia that has autoantibodies against parietal cells.
Pernicious Anemia
Parietal cells make intrinsic factor and lead to Decrease IF which leads to Decrease Vit B12 which leads to...
Syndrome AKA Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia, characterized by precocious puberty, cafe au lait spots, short stature, young girls
Albright's Syndrome
One of your Sunday School Teachers growing up
Type of Sign on P.E. characterized by calf tenderness with palpation which is suggestive of a Deep Vein Thrombosis
Homan's Sign
Kindof like one of the main characters on the Simpsons.
What would the best method of therapy be for hyperkalemia?
Oral therapy!
First, decrease intake
Next, Na Polystyrene resin
First, think simple
What if a totally normal patient with no signs or symptoms of hyperkalemia, presents to your office? EKG-WNL
Send the labs again and make sure the cap is on tight. Hemolysis of specimin can cause this high reading
Symptoms of Hypercalcemia if present. Include ECG results.
Osteopenia, Kidney stones and polyuria, abdominal pain from constipation, anorexia, ileus, n/v, depression, psychosis, delerium confusion.
Bones, stones, groans, psychiatric overtones
Mainly seen in D.M...
Neuropathy causes pt. to overuse or misuse joints, which become deformed and painful. (type of joint)
Charcot Joint
Not vanilla, but...
Type of medication used to hit Dopamine Receptors in renal Vasculator and keep kidneys high levels, causes vasoconstriction b/c Alpha Ag
I mean, stupid stupid kidneys!!!