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What are you born with?


Sex and Aggression

Basic Instinct
What do we get from our parents, values, conscience?

little devil (Id) and little angel (Superego)
What is the superego?
Antisocial personality doesn't have what?
Superego (lacunae)

holes in it...
like Swiss cheese

they lie, steal
no remorse
Question has drive, instinct is there?
Right, wrong, conscience, morality?
Everything else?
Defense mechanism is related to what?
Ego's way warding anxiety
Object relations is what?

Developed shortly after birth
Ego gives defense mechanism shield against attacks
role is to decrease anxiety
Defense mechanisms are what?
Which defense mechanism is not unconscious?
What is projection?
wishes to someone else

she doesn't like me...

(really I don't like her)

You are cheating on me
(really I am cheating on you)
What personality has projection?
Paranoid Personality

all attacking them
What is denial?
use to avoid painful

I didn't have a heart attack

Woman who's husband died but she cooks for 2 and places the table for two
Patient comes in with an MI?
Telemetry, patient takes medication with leads on himself. Patient says I didn't have a Heart Attack... What is the next step?
DO NOT refer to psych
Confront denial
Interpret denial w/ dream analysis

Find out patients view about death

Do nothing

Answer is DO NOTHING

Patients defense mechanism is not interfering with Tx
If patient spits out pill, takes all I.V. lines out...
Patient in denial then you need to?
Ask the patient why
When patient thinks all good or all bad, Splitting... Which personality uses this?

good is idealized
bad is devalued

The morning staff is the best
What is blocking?
Temporary when you can't remember answer

When you have anxiety
WHat is regression?
go back to earlier stage

acting like a baby

most immature

least mature

children go back
like 7 year old
birth of sibling (divorce)

so they will start sucking on their thumb

Wet the bed again

Curled up in fetal position
- talk like babies

- want to be pampered

patient buzzing nurse

- adult acting like child
temper tantrum
What is somatization?
Psychic converted to bodily symptoms
What personality is associated w/ somatization?
Physical exam normal
Somatoform Disorders

1) Hypochondriasis
2) Body Dysmorphic
Old patient w/ depression?
Just retired complains with backache, knee ache... so what is it?
What is introjection?
Features of external world made as one self

whatever she thinks I bring inward

Superman... girl puts cape around neck


resident acting like attending
Displacement is what?

emotion shifted to another person

escape goat

scream at nurse since Dr. is angry at patient

Learned or Psychological

Afraid of Shark
Shark represents something else
Freud says displacement is part of phobias?
Woman was having dreams about snake...

Afraid of Penis

Argument with boss
So scream at wife
Kick at little dog in the house
Repression is what?
Defense mechanism that deals with memories

not remember all of our memories

want to forget bad memories
repression are memories that we have but don't want to tap into

another word is
unconscious forgetting
Pat. 2-3 year old that had STDs?
sexually abused as a child

but when asked if ever sexually abused says no

suppression you become aware of it
when you are in treatment
When you have a suppresion what does it mean?
You remember but you don't want to talk about it
Repression is conscious or subconscious?
Suppresion is conscious or subconscious?
Repression vs. denial?
denial did not happen
repression don't remember it happen
What do we fear the most?
Death, space, ocean

What decreases our fear?
when you learn about something
Intellecualization is what?
Pat. is told that it has cancer so patient starts reading about Cancer

-go to seminars
-talk about Cancer w/ intellecual way with no emotions
What is isolation?
patient will not show any emotion
Pat. just experience something horrible like a man who sees her daughter killed by a car driving by... man doesn't cry?

Pat. doesn't cry when they see body in the morgue
Denial vs. isolation?
denial you say it did not happen

isolation you say parents die but you don't cry
Rationalization is?
rational explanations are used to explain something unacceptable

pat. says works is hard and drink 6 beers
Reaction formation?
Unacceptable (you personally find it)

You do the opposite

So sex(pornography) is unacceptable so you become a priest/nun
You like killing babies so you become a pediatrician...
(saving them)
Reaction formation
You want to set fires (pyromania), you become a fire-fighter....
Reaction formation
If you wanna hit people... you become a police officer.
Reaction formation example
Where do we see reaction formation?

Obsessive Compulsion Disorder

Doctor who wants to kill people and becomes surgery
Fear of contamination... OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Patient really wants to touch everything

so must convince yourself that everything is dirty

that is a reaction formation
What is undoing and where is it seen?


As good as it gets
not step on a crack
break your mother's back
If you think you gotten dirty, how do you undo it?
Wash hands

the act
like in OCD
Patient washes hand 100 times? Is it reaction formation or undoing?

like Preacher Jimmy Suager
Acting out is what?

Kid starts screaming and complains

behavioral outburst
needs to be age appropiate
if it is an adult with a temper tantrum?
This is a regression

Humor is what?
mature defense

childhood, divorce
Standup comedy who is overweight and he talks about eating in this all you can eat and talks about in different accents (mexican, chinese, indian)?
Humor is used as a defense mechanism
What is sublimation?
the most mature of all defense mechanism

getting away with murder

doing exactly what you want to do but it is done acceptably in society
If you like porn? You become a censor...
Want to kill people, butcher people... become a surgeon?
You want to kill babies so you become an abortion specialist?
Sublimation not Reaction Formation
You want to start fires and demolish building you become a park ranger or are part of demolition teams for building?

not reaction formation
If you like staring fires you become a movie specialist on explosives?
sublimation example

not reactio formation?
If you like hitting people and you want to look good in society? You become a boxer...
Example of sublimation
Supression involves?
Conscious about it but
You would rather forget
Formula for IQ = ???
IQ= MA/CA x 100
What is the mean IQ?
What is the standard deviation of IQ? S1?
SD = 15
MA is?
Mental Age

How you perform on test
CA is?
your actual Age

age in years
Kid 10 scores 12

MA is?
CA is?
MA = 12
CA =10

so 12/10= 120 IQ
What is the Adults IQ test?

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised
What are two test for intelligence children?
Stanford Binet
What is good about the Stanford Binet?
It was the first one developed

used in children who are very young

mentally retarde or high intelligence
Standfor is good for?
Dumn and Bright
Objective test include?
Simple stimuli

Short answers
Limited answers

not much training for this
Projective test?
ambiguous stimuli
lots of answers

highly experience
What is the best objective test?

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

It tells if you are lying

500 questions
What are the ages for WISC-R test?
Kids with whiskers just coming out...

6-17 year old
What are the projective tests?
Rorschach Test
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Sentence Completion
What are Drawings used for?
Child Abuse
What is another name for Rorschach Test?

No right wrong answer so need someone specialized to interpret test