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Ureteric Bud dilates to form
Renal Pelvis
splits into major an dminor calyces
Upper part of Urogenital sinus becomes
Bladder at week 7
The Urachus is
obliterated allantois
Urachus becomes what structure
Median umbilical ligament
Upper 2/3rds of female urethra from where?
Mesonephric ducts
Lower 1/3 of female urethra
urogenital sinus
Renal agenesis happens because
early degeneration of urteric bud
Bilateral ageneis is associated with
oligohydramnios, clubbed feet, pulmonary hypoplasia
Potters syndrome
Double urter froms because of
early splitting of urteric bud
A patent urachus may cause
drainage of urine through the umbilicus due to failure of allnatoid to be obliterated