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Sexual side effect of trazodone
2 key side effects of ASA
- GI bleed
- hypersensitivity
Classic side effect of bleomycin
pulmonary fibrosis
Classic side effect of cyclophasophamide
hemorrhagic cystitis
Classic side effect of buproprion
3 classic side effects of isoniazid
- Vit B 6 deficeincy
- lupus
- liver toxicity
Classic side effect of cyclosporine
Classic side effect of PCN
PCN may cause a rash with which virus
Classic side effect of ACE inhibitors
Classic side effect of demeclocycline
diabetes insipidus
2 classic side effects of lithium
- diabetes insipidus
- thyroid dysfunction
Classic side effect of methoxyflurance
diabetes insipidus
2 classic side effects of sulfa drugs
- allergies
- kernicterus in neonates
2 classic side effects of halothane
- liver necrosis
- malignant hypertheria
Classic side effect of local anesthetic
4 classic side effects of phenytoin
- folate deficiency
- teratogen
- hirsutism
- gum hypertrophy
Classic side effect of vincristine
peripheral neuropathy
Classic side effect of valproic acid
neural tube defects
Isotretinoin is a terrible ______
Thioridazine classically causes
- retinal deposits
- cardiac toxicity
2 classic side effects of heparin
- thombocytopenia
- thrombosis
Vancomycin's classic side effect
red man syndrom
Classic side effect of clofibrate
increase GI neoplasms
Classic side effect of tetracyclines (2)
- photosensitivity
- teeth staining in children
Classic side effect of quinolones in kids
cartilage damage (also makes in teratogenic)
Classic side effect of quinine
tinnitus, vertigo (cinchonisms)
Classic pancreas side effect of morphine
Sphincter of oddi spasm
Classic side effect of clindamycin (or other broad spectrum antibiotic)
Pseudomembranous colitis
2 classic side effects of chloramphenicol
- aplastic anemia
- chloramphenicol
Classic side effect of doxyrubicin
2 classic side effects of basulfan
- pulmonary fibrosis
- adrenal failure
MAOIs + cheese/wine =
tyramine crisis
Classic side effect of hydralazine
Classic side effect of procainamide
Classic side effect of minoxidil
2 classic side effects of aminoglycosides
- hearing loss
- renal toxicity
Classic side effect of chlorpropamide
Classic side effect of oxytocin
Electrolyte side effect of opiates
2 classic side effects of DDI
- pancreatitis
- peripheral neurology
Classic side effect of succinylcholine
malignant hyperthermia
Classic side effect of zidovudine
bone marrow suppression
3 classic side effects of digitalis
- GI
- vision changes
- arrhythmias
Classic side effect ofacetazolamide
metabolic acidosis
Trimethadione is a terrible
Classic side effect of clozapine
3 classic side effects of SSRIs
- anxiety
- agitation
- insomnia
2 Classic side effects of warfarin
- necrosis
- teratogen
2 Classic side effects of niacin
- flushing
- pruritus
Classic side effect of HMG CoA reductase inhibitors
liver and muscle toxicity
Classic side effect of ethambutol
optic neuritis
Classic side effect of cisplatin
Classic side effect of methylcopa
Coombs positive hemolytic anemia
2 major toxicities of HMG COA reductace inhibitors
- liver
- muscle
Classic side effect of ethambutol
optic neuritis
Classic side effect of metronidazole
Disulfiram-like reaction with alcohol
Classic side effect with displatin
Classic side effect of methydopa
Hemolytic anemia (Coombs positive)
Electrolyte side effects of thiazides
- hyperglycemia
- hyperuricemia
- hyperlipidemia
- hyponatremia
- hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis
Don't give thiazides to patients with this allergy
2 major side effects of loop diuretics
- hypokalemic metabloic alkalosis
- ototoxicity
Only loop diuretic that is not a sulfa
ethacrynic acid
Metabolic effect of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
metabolic acidosis
Effect of loop diuretics on calcium
cause calcium extretion (often used as treatment for hypercalcemia)
Effect of thiazide diuretics on calcium
calcium retention
Which diuretics would you like to avoid in hypercalcemia?
3 classic side effects of antihypertensives
- sedation
- depression
- sexual dysfunction
2 patients to use B-blcokers in cautiously
- Diabetics (mask hypoglycemia)
- Asthmatics
Classic side effect of alpha-1 antagonists
1st dose orthostatic hypotension
antidote for cholinesterase inhibitors
- atropine
- pralidoxime
antidote for quinidine
sodium bicarb (cardioprotective)
antidote for TCAs
sodium bicarb (cardioprotective)
antidote for Iron
antidote for digoxin
- normalize electrolytes
- digoxin antibodies
antidote for methanol or ethylene glycol
antidote for benzodiazepines
antidote for beta blockers
antidote for lead
antidote for copper
antidote for gold
antidote for opiods
antidote for carbon monoxide
antidote for muscarinic blockers
Features of serotonin syndrome
- hyperthermia
- rigidity
- myoclonus
- autonomic instability
Hyperthermia + rigidity + myoclonus + autonomic instability =
serotonin syndrome
MAOI + meperidine =
serotonin syndrome
Aminoglycosides + loop diuretics =
enhanced ototoxicity
Lithium + thiazides =
lithium toxicity
3 classic INDUCERS of hepatic enzymes
- barbiturates
- antiepileptics
- rifampin
2 classic INHIBITORS of hepatic enzymes
- cimetidine
- ketoconazole
HRT is prescribed now for
symptom relief only
Why do you give progesterone with estrogen in HRT?
to decrease risk of endometrial cancer (if no uterus, give estrogen alone)
4 benefits of estrogen therapy
- decreased osteoporosis
- decreased CAD (?)
- decreased hot flashed
- decreased GU symptoms
4 risk of estrogen therapy
- increased endometrial CA
- increased DVT
- ? increase breast CA
- increased gall bladder disease
5 more common side effects of estrogen therapy
- endometrial bleeding
- breast tenderness
- nausea
- bloating
- headaches
4 absolute contraindications to estrogen therapy
- unexplained vaginal bleeding
- active liver disease
- history of VTE
- history of breast of endometrial cancer
8 relative contraindications to estrogen therapy
- seizure disorder
- uterine leiomyomas
- familial hyperlipidemia
- migraines
- venous thrombophlebitis
- endometriosis
- gallbladder disease
Most common cause of secondary HTN in women
oral contraceptive pills
10 absolute contraindications to oral contraceptive pills
- 35+ old smoker
- pregancy/breast feeding
- liver disease
- hyperlipedmia
- DM with vascular changes
- immobilization/risk of VTE
- sickle cell disease
- estrogen dependent neoplasm
- cholestatic jaundice of pregnancy
6 relative contraindications to oral contraceptive pills
- younger heavy smoker
- depression
- migraines
- oligomenorrhea
- amenorrhea without workup
- gallbladder disease
Timing of OCPs and surgery
- avoid 1 month before and after surgery because of risk of DVT
Screening test needed for those on OCPs
annual pap smear (associated increased risk of cervical CA)
4 effects of NSAIDs and ASA
- anit-inflammatory
- anitpyretic
- analgesic
- antiplatelet
Difference between ASA and other NSAIDs
ASA bind COX irreversibly
Why does tylenol not have anti-platelet or anti-inflammatory effects?
Because it acts centrally not peripherally
Acid-base problem with ASA overdose
- respiratory alkalosis
- metabolic acidosis
3 renal side effects of NSAIDs
- interstitial nephritis
- papillary necrosis
- acute tubular necrosis
ASA allergies are extremely common in this group
asthma and nasal polyps
Reye syndrome =
ASA in children less than 15 (setting of virus) --> encephalopathy and liver dysfunction
When to stop ASA and NSAIDs prior to surgery
- ASA 1 week before
- NSAIDs 1 day before
Treatment of acetaminophen overdose
How does acetaminophen cause liver failure?
depletion of glutathione --> hepatic necrosis