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2 major causes of inability to concentrate urine
- diabetes insipidus
- sickle cell disease/trait
In pregnancy, high ESR means
nothing, always elevated
In pregnancy, normal BUN or Cr may mean
renal disease
4 non-pancreatic sources of amylase
- salivary glands
- rest of GI tract
- renal failure
- ruptured tubal pregnancy
Elevated lipase AND amylase =
Test specific for biliary alkaline phosphatase
GGT (gamma-glutamyltraspeptidase) or 5-nucleosidase
Side effect of chlorpropamide
What does hyponatremia mean in a diabetic patient
Careful...sodium may be arificially low in hyperglycemia
pH relation of calcium and potassium
they move in the same direction (into cells with alkalosis)
Persistantly low K or Ca is likely complicated by
low Mg
BUN/Cr ratio >15 usually indicates