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Origin of internal ear structures
Surface ectoderm via otic placode
1st aortic arch derivative
Part of maxillary artery
2nd aortic arch derivative
Parts of stapedial & hyoid arteries
3rd aortic arch derivative
Common carotids and proximal internal carotids
4th aortic arch derivative
On left: aortic arch

On right: proximal right subclavian artery
5th aortic arch derivative
A trick question. Nada!
6th aortic arch derivative
On left: ductus areteriosus & proximal left pulm artery

On right: proximal right pulm artery
What day does implantation happen?
Day 6-7 post-fertilization
Where does fertilization usually happen?
Ampulla of the fallopian tube
1st pharyngeal arch nerve?
CN V2 (maxillary) & V3 (mandibular)
1st pharyngeal arch muscles
Tensor tympani
Tensor veli palatini
Anterior belly of digastric
Anterior 2/3 of tongue
2nd pharyngeal arch muscles
Muscles of facial expression
Posterior belly of digastric
2nd branchial arch nerve?
What happens to the sinus venosus?
Sinus venosus is the inferior outpouching of the heart tube.

-Left arm becomes the coronary sinus
-Right arm becomes smooth part of right atrium
Remnant of the umbilical arteries?
Umbilical veins branch off the internal iliac artery. After birth, they undergo atresia and become the mediaL umbilical ligaments
Remnant of the alantois
MediaN umbilical ligament
Remnant of the notochord?
Nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral discs
1st pharyngeal arch bones?
Tongue innervation
Anterior two-thirds:
-Taste: CN VII
-Regular sensation: CN V3
Posterior third:
-Taste: CN IX
-Regular sensation: CN IX
Far posterior:
-Taste: CN X
-Regular sensation: CN X

Motor (all): CNXII
Tongue origin
Anterior two-thirds: 2nd pharyngeal arch
Posterior third: 3rd & 4th branchial arches
1st branchial pouch derivative?
Middle ear