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Two bacteria with superantigens
Staph aureus

Strep pyogenes
S. aureus superantigen
S. aureus toxin that causes food poisoning
S. aureus toxin that causes staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome
4x bacteria with adp ribosylating A-B toxins
C. diphtheriae
V. Cholerae
E. coli
B. pertussis
This toxin produced by S. pyogenes causes a toxic shock like syndrome (scarlet fever)
erythrogenic toxin
mechanism of C. diphtheriae toxin?
-adp ribosylating A-B toxin
-inactivates EF2
mechanism of P. aeruginosa exotoxin A?
-adp ribosylating A-B toxin
-inactivates EF2
2 bacteria whose toxins inactivate EF2
-C. diphtheriae
-P. aeruginosa
mechanism of V. cholerae toxin?
+adenylyl cyclase --> inc Cl- into gut, dec Na absorption --> H2O into gut lumen --> diarrhea
a. which bacterium possesses labile/stabile toxins?

b.What is the mech of labile and stable toxins?

b. "Labile like the AIR, Stable like the GROUND."

-LT: stimulates adenylyl cyclase
-ST: stimulates guanylyl cyclase

Action of both causes watery diarrhea ("Traveler's diarrhea")
mechanism of Bordetella pertussis toxin?
inhibits Gi --> inc cAMP
six bacteria whose toxins are cAMP inducers
1. V. cholerae
2. B. pertussis
3. E. coli (labile toxin)
4. B. anthracis (edema factor)
5. C. jejuni
6. B. cereus
mechanism: C. perfringens toxin
lecitinase --> cleaves cell membranes
mechanism: C. tetani toxin
blocks release of GABA/glycine (inhibitory NTR) in Renshaw cells in spinal cord
mechanism: C. botulinum toxin
cleaves neuroexocytosis apparatus --> blocks ACh release --> paralysis
mechanism of shiga toxin

cleaves host cell rRNA --> inactivation of 60S ribosome
mechanism of shiga-like toxin

cleaves host cell rRNA --> inactivation of 60S ribosome
What is the action of Streptolysin O?
-S. pyogenes
What is the action of an ADP ribosylating toxin?
permanently activates endogeneous proteins through addition of ADP ribosyl group
Viridans streptococci produce _____ that allow them to adhere to ______, which is why they can infect damaged heart valves
which virus families can undergo reassortment? (x4)
"ReAssortment Brings Out" bad disease

Reo (includes Rota)
Orthomyxo (prototype)
which bacterial toxin causes increased sensitivity to histamine?
pertussis toxin
grp A streptococci resist phagocytosis via this virulence factor
M protein
this extracellular enzyme produced by S. pyogenes disintegrates PMNs and their neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), allowing it to move more freely in tissues
what is the function of S. aureus' virulence factor Protein A?
Protein A binds Fc portion of Ig's --> impaired fixation of complement --> dec phagocytosis
What is the mechanism of a superantigen?
Crosslinks MHC receptors and TCR's indiscriminately --> nonspecific activation of large #s of T cells --> toxic shock syndrome