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The closeness of a measurement to the actual value.
A ratio of equivalent quantities that is equal to 1 and used to convert the units of a quantity.
Conversion Factor
An intensive physical property of a substance at a given temperature and pressure, defined as the ratio of the mass to the volume.
A calculation method in which arithmetic steps are accompanied by the appropriate canceling of units.
Dimensional Analysis
A property, such as mass, that depends on the quantity of substance present.
Extensive Property
The energy transferred between objects because of differences in their temperatures only; Thermal energy.
A property, such as density, that does not depend on the quantity of substance present.
Intensive Property
The quantity of matter an object contains.
The closeness of a measurement to other measurements of the same phenomenon in a series of experiments.
A measure of how hot or cold a substance is relative to another substance.
The space occupied by a sample of matter.
Steps of the Scientific Method
1. Observations
2. Hypothesis
3. Experiment
4. Model