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How do you view contacts in gmail?
Clicking on the contact link
How do you get to gmail?
(2) click on the gmail link in upper left corner
(3) login
When you are in "contacts" how do you add new names?
Look for the + with the single person icon (head and shoulders)
When in "contacts" how do you create a new "group"
Look for the + with the two people icon (head and shoulders, one person behind the other.)
How do you email everyone in a group?
(1) Click on the "Compose Mail" link
(2) In the To box of the new, blank email start typing in the name of the group.
(3) Fill in the other fields of the email.
How can I check my spelling in Gmail?
Look for the link that says "Check Spelling"
How do I attach a file or photo to an email?
Look for a paperclip icon and/or the "Attach a File" link
What is CC?
This stands for Carbon Copy and it is a way to send a copy to people who may be interested in the email (such as your manager).

The term comes from the old days when people used carbon paper to make copies on a typewriter.
What is Bcc?
This stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This allows you to send a copy to someone and the other people will not be able to see that they are getting this.

You can send copies of an email to yourself without cluttering the addresses up if you want to keep a copy.
Can I send links in my gmail? If so, how do I do that?
(1) Type in the words you want to display as a link.
(2) Highlight or select that text
(3) Click on the icon that looks like a chain link and fill in the URL field with the http:// address.