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Many historians believe the decisive element of the 1960 election was:
the candidates appearance in a series of televised debates
What was true about Ngo Dinh Diem?
He was a Catholic leading a Buddhist country; He was educated in the US; He was selected by the US for leadership in Vietnam because he was an anticommunist
Black Power leaders argued that African Americans should:
act to gain control of political and economic power
The decisions of the Warren Court focused on:
strengthening individual rights
What were results of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; removal of Soviet missile bases from Cuba; a "hot line" between the US and the Soviet Union
Cesar Chavez
led a labor union; practiced non-violence protest; worked to improve civil rights for Mexican-Americans
Which Secretary of Defense was relieved of his duty when he reversed his position on the Vietnam War?
Robert McNamara
A way the US army measured its success in Vietnam was according to:
the enemy body count
Tet Offensive
military defeat for the Viet Cong; shook American confidence; increased citicism of the war
Who tried to hurt the Civil Rights Movement by ordering that police dogs and firemen with fire hoses attack demonstrators in Birmingham?
Bull Connor
Which of the following would be considered the biggest foreign policy failure John Kennedy?
Bay of Pigs invasion
Who urged blacks to use any means necessary to fight for their rights?
Malcolm X
5 Goals of the modern women's movemnent
equal rights with men; higher job promotions; equal pay for equal work; the right to choose to have an abortion; longer maternity leave
In what year were Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robret Kennedy assassinated? In the same year ws the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago and the Tet Offensive.
Stokely Carmichael
Coined the phrase, "Black Power"
William Westmoreland
Commander of US forces in Vietnam
Ngo Dinh Diem
South Vietnamese leader supported by the US that was assassinated
Bao Dai
puppet leader of Vietnam used by France and Japan
George Wallace
ran for president in 1968; "Segregation now. Segregation Forever."
Neil Armstrong
First man to step on the moon
William Fulbright
Led Congressional opposition to the Vietnam War
Henry Kissinger
Nixon's Secretary of State
Robert Kennedy
Led Congressional opposition to the Vietnam War; ran for US President in 1968
James Meredith
ran for President in 1968