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The civil rights movement began to splinter because?
many activists quit
The Nation of Islam emphasized?
supremecy of black people
3 true statements about Malcolm X are?
he was a charismatic speaker - he served time in prison - he joined the Nation of Islam
who turned to nonviolence?
Malcolm X
3 true statements about the Black Power movement
Stokely Carmichael started it - MLK Jr. dissagreed with its approach - it emphasized racial pride
The Black Panthers appealed to?
urban African Americans
MLK Jr. moved to Chicago because?
he hoped to end housing problems
The Kerner Commission report discussed?
In March 1968 King announced a Poor People's Campaign to?
help the poor
King was assassinated in?
Memphis, Tennessee
Who became the leader of the Black Muslims in the early 1930s?
Elijah Muhammad
Which of these was not and expectation of Black Muslim members? (no alcohol, no smoking, maintain membership in the armed forces, maintain a stict diet)
maintain membership in the armed forces
During WW2 many Black Muslims were sent to prison for?
avoiding the draft
When the Nation of Islam's membership declined, Muhammad began actively recruiting?
Malcolm X converted to ___ and began calling for unity among all people.
The presence of white volunteers created tensions within the SNCC because Af Am workers believed that white students were?
trying to take of the project
What were 3 premises of the Black Power movement?
black seperatism, emphasis on racial pride, interest in African culture and heritage
What was the symbol for the militant black party?
a black panther
The Kerner Commission charged that ____ was largely responsible for the riots of 1965 and 1966.
white racism
As the civil rights movement continued, some Af Ams questioned the effectiveness of nonviolence as a mean to reach their goals. (T/F)
The Black Muslims emphasized the supremecy of black people over all the other races. (T/F)
Elijah Muhammed declared that Af Ams should creat their own republic within the U.S. (T/F)
Black Muslims received great financial aid from the federal government. (T/F)
Malcolm X embraced the teachings of Elijah Muhammed and became a leading minister for the Nation of Islam. (T/F)
Malcolm X criticized the goals and strategies of civil rights organizations. (T/F)
Malcolm X was assainated by Black Muslim members. (T/F)
In 1966 MLK Jr. moved his family into a slum apartment in Chicago because he had used up all of his money funding the civil rights movement. (T/F)
Af Ams recieved great support from whites in their fight for civil rights in the North. (T/F)
In 1968 MLK Jr. called for a Poor People's Campaign that would include a march on Washington to protest the miuse of government spending. (T/F)
On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. (T/F)
Date that MLK Jr. was assassinated.
April 4, 1968
The Montgomery Improvement Association was expanded into what?
Souther Christian Leadership
who led the Southern Christian Leadership?
What was the Southern Christian Leadership?
an alliances of church-based Af Am organizations dedicated to ending discrimination
The SCLC pledged to use what?
nonviolent resistance
demonstators protest by sitting down in a location and refusing to leave
a loose association of student activists from throughout the South
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
What did the success of the student sit-ins inspire?
the Congress of Racial Equality
what was the Congress of Racial Equality?
northern-based cibil rights group that hoped to launch new nonciolent protests against racial dicrimination
What has the Supreme Court ruled in Dec of 1960?
that segregation in facilities such as bus stations that served interstate travelers was illegal
What were the Freedom Riders and what was their purpose?
a group of civil rights workers who took bus trips thre southern states in 1961 to protest illegal bus segregation
Where did the violence erupt?
when they crossed the Alabama state line (Annistan)
While the Freedom Riders helped to advance the end of racial discrimination, where did segregation remain?
southern schools and public facilities
Who was James Meredith?
on Af. Am applicant to the U of M
What did the events in Birmingham force Pres Kennedy to do?
take stand on civil rights`
What was the March on Washington?
march on Wash D.C. to lincoln Memorial to build support for civil rights mvmnt
Who gave the final speech?
What is the title of this speech and what has it become?
the "I Have A Dream" speech - one of the most famous addresses in U.S. history
What bill did Pres. Johnson sign into law on July 2, 1964?
Civil Rights Act of 1964