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a Bordo
On Board
a Cabello
On Horseback
a Cabo
al Fin
a Cada Instante
At Every Turn
a Casa
Home (With Verb of Motion)
a Cause De
Because of
a La Derecha
To The Right
a Eso De
a Espaldas
a La Larga
In The Long Run
a Lo Largo De
a Lo Lejos
In The Distance
a Menudo
Frequently, Often
a Pesar De
In Spite of
a Pie
on Foot
a Pierna Suelta
At One's Ease, Without a Care
a Poco De
A Short While After
a Saltos
Leaping, By Leaps and Bounds
a Solas
a Tiempo
On Time
a Través De
a Veces
Acercarse a
To Approach
Acostumbrarse a
To Become Accustomed To
Aficionarse a
To Become Fond of
Alcanzar a
To Succeed In
Aprender a
To Learn How To
Asistir a
To Attend
Asomarse a
To Look Out of
Atreverse a
To Dare To
Comenzar a
To Begin To
Condenar a
To Codemn To
Dar a
To Overlook
Detenerse a
To Pause To
Dirigirse a
To Address, To Speak To, To Go Toward
Disponerse a
To Get Ready To
Echar(se) a
To Start (To), To Begin To
Empezar a
To Begin To
Enseñar a
To Teach To
Invitar a
To Invite To
Jugar a
To Play (Sports, Cards, etc.)
Negarse a
To Refuse To
Obligar a
To Oblige To
Oler a
To Smell Like (Yo Huelo, Tu Hueles, Él Huele, Nosotros Olemos, Vosotros Oléis, Ellos Huelen)
Parecerse a
To Look Like (Ustedes se parecen mucho: You look very much like each other)
Ponerse a
To Begin
Prepararse a
To Prepare To
Resolverse a
To Make Up One's Mind To
Saber a
To Taste Like (Sabe a naranja: It taste like orange)
Sonar a
To Sound Like
Subir a
To Get Into (Vehicle)
Venir a
To Attain, To End up By (Viene a ser lo mismo: It comes out the same)
Volver a
To...Again (Volvieron a llamar: They called again)
Acabar con
To Put An End to, To Finish Off
Casarse con
To Marry
Conformarse con
To Content Oneself With, To Be Satisfied With
Contar con
To Count On
Contentarse con
To Be Satisfied With
Cumplir con
To Fulfill
Encontrarse con
To Meet (by chance), Run Into
Entenderse con
To Get Along With
Meterse con
To Pick a Fight With
Soñarse con
To Dream of (About)
Tropezar con
To Run Into (Collide)
To Finish, To End
To Marry
To Form, To Constitute, To Make Up
To Count, To Tell
To Please, To Make Happy
To Accomplish, To Comply With
To Put (In), To Fit or Squeeze
To Dream
To Trip, To Stumble
de Acuerdo
In Agreement
de Buena Gana
de Día
By Day, In The Daytime
de Día en Día
From Day to Day
de Esta Manera
In This Way
de Hoy en Adelante
From Today On
de Mal Humor
In a Bad Temper
de Memoria (w/ Aprender)
(To Learn) by Heart
de Moda
In Style
de Nada
You're Welcome, It's Nothing
de Ningún Modo
In No Way, By No Means
de Noche
By Night, At Night
de Otra Manera
In Another Way
de Pie
de Prisa
In a Hurry
de Pronto
de Repente
de Rodillas
de Todos Modos
Anyway, At Any Rate
de Veras
de Vez en Cuando
From Time to Time
Abusar de
To Abuse, To Overindulge in
Acabar de + inf.
To Have Just + Past Participle
Acordarse de
To Remember, To Recall
Alegrarse de
To Be Happy About
Apartarse de
To Move (Keep) Away From
Aprovecharse de
To Take Advantage of
Burlarse de
To Make Fun of, To Mock
Cambiar de (ropa, avión, tema, etc.)
To Change (clothes, planes, theme, etc.)
Cansarse de
To Get Tired of
Carecer de
To Lack
Cesar de
To Stop
Compadecerse de
To Pity, To Feel Sorry For
Constar de
To Consist of
Cuidar de
To Care For, Take Care of
Deber de
Must, Ought of
Dejar de
To Stop
Depender de
To Depend On
Despedirse de
To Take Leave off, To Say Goodbye
Disfrutar de
To Enjoy
Enamorarse de
To Fall In Love With
Enterarse de
To Find Out About
Fiarse de
To Trust
Gozar de
To Enjoy
Haber de
To Be Supposed To, Must (Ha de ser tarde: It Must Be Late)
Ocuparse de
To Attend To (A task)
Olvidarse de
To Forget
Preocuparse de
To Worry About
Quejarse de
To Complain About
Reírse de
To Laugh At
Servir de
To Serve As, To Be Used As
Tratar de
To Try To
Tratarse de
To Deal With, Be a Question Of
en Alto
To Be Pleased to, To Delight
en Balde
In Vain
en Broma
In Fun
en Casa
At Home
en Caso De
In Case of
en Cuanto
As Soon As
en Cuanto a
As For, As Regards
en Esto
At This Point
en Lo Alto De
Up, On Top of
en Lugar De
In Place of
en Marcha
Under Way
en Medio De
In The Middle of
en Ninguna Parte
en Punto
Sharp (W/ Time Expressions)
en Seguida
en Suma
In Short
en Torno De
Around, About
en Vez De
Instead of
en Vilo
In The Air, Undecided
Complacerse en
To Be Pleasure In, To Delight in
Confiar en
To Trust (In), Rely On, Be Confident About
Consentir en
To Agree To, To Approve of
Consistir en
To Consist of
Convenir en
To Agree To
Empeñarse en
To Insist On
Entrar en
To Enter
Esforzarse en
To Try Hard to, To Strive
Fijarse en
To Notice, To Pay Attention To
Insistir en
To Insist On
Meterse en
To Get Into, To Plunge Into
Pensar en
To Think About (Consider)
Quedar en
To Agree On
Tardar en
To Delay In, To Be Late In
Hasta Ahora
Up Until Now
Hasta Después
Until Later, See You Later
Hasta Más No Poder
To The Utmost
Hasta No Más
To The Utmost
Hasta Entonces
Until Later, See You Later
Estar Para
To Be In The Mood For
No Estar Para Bromas
Not To Be In The Mood For Joking
No Ser Para Tanto
Not To Be So Important
Para Con
Towards (a person)
Para Siempre
por Aquí
This Way
Por Avión
Air Mail
por Consiguiente
por Desgracia
por Dios
For Heaven's Sake
por Eso
por Escrito
In Writing
por Favor
por Fin
Finally, At Last
por La Manaña
In The Morning
por Lo Menos
At Least
por Lo Tanto
por Lo Visto
por Mi Parte
As Far As I'm Concerned
por Poco
Almost, Nearly
por Regla General
As a General Rule
por Mi Cuenta
To My Way of Thinking
por Supuesto
of Course
por Todas Partes
al Por Mayor
al Por Menor
Acabar por
To End Up By
Dar Por
To Consider, To Regard As
Darse Por
To Pretend
Estar Por
To Be In Favor Of, To Be About To
Interesarse Por
To Take An Interest In
Pasar Por
To Pretend To Be
Tener Por
To Think, To Conisider (Have An Opinion On) (Me tienes por loco: You Think I'm Crazy)
Tomar Por
To Take Someone For
So pretexto de
Under The Pretext of
To Thank For
To Take Advantage of
To Look For (or Seek)
To Succeed In
To Listen To
To Wait For
To Succeed In
To Look at (or To Watch)
To Pay For
To Ask For (or to Request)
Ante (Explain)
In Front of, Before (In the sense of "In The Presence of" (El se levantó ante el juez)