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The high seas are considered what?
Over 200 miles, beyond EEZ
Who was the first Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard.
BMCM Calhoun
What are the five SAR stages
AIPOC - Awareness, Initial Action, Planning, Operation, Conclusion
What is the SSIC for a commshift message?
What is the max range for a 87 ft PTB?
875 nm
What is the endurance for a HH-60
6 hours
A 47 max towing is?
150 tons
What is the Radio Frequency Plan instruction title?
Commshifts should be submitted between __ to __ hours prior to the effective time of the shift.
48 to 72 hours prior
Commshift msgs submitted 48 hours or more before shift should be what precedence?
The precedence shall be routine.
Commshift msgs submitted 24 to 48 hours before shift should be what precedence?
The precedence shall be priorty .
Commshift msgs submitted less then 24 hours before shift should be what precedence?
The precedence shall be immediate .
Commshift shoul be effective at what time?
Members serving INCONUS ashore shall be assigned priorities of.
The Coast Guards role in environmental protection dates back to what year?
Assignment Priority 2 will be given to?
Overseas afloat
Coast Guard recruiters and company commanders will receive an assignment priority of?
What does RADAR stand for?
Radio Detection and Ranging
Classified material may be jettisoned at sea to depths of ____ ?
1000 fathoms 6000 ft
For air-deployment the water depth should be ___ feet or greater to prevent the buoy from hitting bottom.
What is the from number for a Marine Event?
How long in advance must a marine permit be be submitted
30 days
What is the maximum lenth of time a NAVTEX can run?
20 min
What phrase is associated with presidential detail clearances?
Who is the granting authority for Q-Clearances
What is the number of feet inside of a fence that must be maintained as a clear zone.
The outside clear zone should be ____ ft between the parameter barrier and any exterior structures.
What is the height of a fence around a restricted area.
8 ft
What is the Q and Z sig for "stand by"?
What is the Q and Z sig for "will you repeat msg"?
What is the Q and Z sig for "this is correct version"?
Emergency power generator for essential communication without refueling should last for?
72 hours
What are the five missions of the CG?
Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, Maritime Mobility, Nation Defense, Protection of Natural Resources
hat can a supervisor withhold form a subordinate
Special liberty
How Long are DTD Review log histories retained for?
2 years
Who is responsible for EKMS Spot Checks?
How many EKMS spot checks can the CO delegate to the XO?
What is required on an EKMS appointment letter?
EKMS account #, Date and Place of EKMS Class, No SSN required
How often are EKMS Spot Checks Conducted
The CGC EAGLE recaptured the VSLS Nancy and Mehitable during what war
Quasi War
A CIC nav log will be retained for how many years?
3 years
The contractual agreement between the U.S. Government and you, in which you agree to never disclose classified information to an unauthorized person is?
SF 312 non disclosure agreement
An individuals access history shall be maintained at the command level for how long?
4 years after discharge, retirement or transfer
The administrative nickname printed in bold or stamped across the top of all CG-5588 pertaining to presidential support activities nominees?
YANKEE WHITE in parentheses and bold
Who is responsible for maintaining a list of all persons assigned to a unit with access to classified info?
an interim security clearance for TS is valid for?
6 months
How many days after the 10 year mark does a person have to provide paper work for periodic reinvestigation?
30 days
When taking a Celestial fix what shape should you use on a chart?
What shape should be used on a chart to indicate a radar fix?
How long do you keep the designation letter after a person leaves a unit.
2 years
What is the name of m2000.7
Radiotelephone Handbook
What is the name of m 2000.3
Telecommunications Manual
What form is used to request a clearance?
What does the Beaufort wind scale deem light air.
1 to 3 MPH winds
What is the maximum altitude recommended for an aircraft to use VHF?
How often should communication emergency power supply systems be exercised under normal load conditions?
Once a month for 30 min with diesel 5 mins for battery
Opening are considered inaccessible what the are ___ ft above ground level and ___ ft from other buildings?
18 and 14
How long to retain a Visitor Log?
2 years
VHF frequency spectrum is what?
30-300 MHz
HF frequency spectrum is
3-30 Mhz
UHF frequency spectrum is
300-3000 mhz
How many stripes are on the CG Ensign
A special employee review is required when?
awarded NJP
Default safe combinations are?
What is the minimum year in service to advance to E-8?
What is the max towing capacity of a 110 WPB
500 tons
The range at which an object can be seen or a signal detected.
The nominal range
_____ is applied when there is no discernible terrorist activity. This only demands a routine security posture. The minimum FPCON is NORMAL.
____ is applied when there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity, the nature and extent of which is unpredictable and does not justify full implementation of FPCON BRAVO measures.
____ is applied when there is an increased threat or a more predictable one.
_____ is applied when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating imminent terrorist action.
______ is applied when a terrorist attack has occurred, or intelligence indicates likely terrorist action against a specific location
CGC Eagle recaptured the VSLS Nancy and Mehitable during what war?
Quasi War
How many AL Codes does the CG have?
5 (1,3,4,5, and 7)
All registered mail shall be protected as ____ until delivered to the SCP?
What year did E-8 and E-9 become authorized?
What was the congressional mandate that authorized the creation of E-8/E-9?
Who do you complete a SF-86 to?
What does AMVER stand for?
Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
What war did the Coast Guard start using Steam Ships?
Mexican-American War
What is the National Ensign called when being carried by foot?
What dollar amount and above do you have to itemize on a travel claim if you don't have the receipt?
What year did women fully integrate into the CG?
Saved over 600 lives and awarded Gold Lifesaving medal (among other awards)?
Joshua James
Who Manned Lime Rock Lighthouse for 37 years?
Ida Lewis
Suicide claims ____ lives each year, ranking it among the ___ Ranked causes of death in the US?
35,000 lives and 10th
Who did the CG follow when the use of battle streamers started?
What level of access is granted for a green badge with white background?
Level three alcohol treatment consists of?
Inpatient treatment in an Alcohol Rehab Facility
How many personnel at a unit minimum to have a Human Relations Council?
Can you appeal the CO's recommendation for advancement?
Which EKMS tier is for COMSEC accounts that manage key and other material?
Tier 2
When did the Revenue Cutter Service and Life Saving service combine marking the beginning of the Coast Guard?
What is the communication Sound Powered Circuit for Damage Control Comms?
What months do you Mark a E-6?
November and May
What article provides the CO's, OINC's and principal assistants of flag officer in command the authority to impose non-judicial punishment without resort to the forum of a court martial?
Article 15
To be eligible for a TS clearance there cannot be a break in service of more than______months
24 months
How many nautical miles out can you receive NAVTEX messages?
400 nm
An individuals access history will maintained at the command level for a period of ____years after transfer, or retire.
4 yrs
Interim Top Secret Clearance is valid for a period of time not to exceed ____.
6 months
The rank of a CSO will be _______or higher for military, and ______or higher for civilian?
E-7 and GS-9
A district SECMGR shall be a GS-____ or above?
An assisted CSO can be a minimum rank of ____
Who wat the first Coast Guard SPAR to be sworn into the regular Coast Guard?
Alice Jefferson
When the CG flag is displayed without streamers, the staff is decorated with what?
Blue and White cords and tassles
Which Cutter made two cruises to the West Indies adn captured 10 prizes one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men
Cutter Hudson rescued which vessel at the battle of Cardenas, Cuba on 11 May 1898?
USS Winslow
Where was the first Coast Guard reserve Unit?
What is the form number for a Report of Survey?
To put a member in for a award you need to fill out which titled form?
CG Award Recommendation
The Coast Guard award recomindatin form is what form number?
Which UCMJ article starts out with "If I become a prisoner of war"?
Article IV
What should not be a reason for a unsat conduct mark?
One time minor infraction
A SF-312 needs to be signed by a member every______years.
only once
What is a CCI in reference to EKMS?
Controlled cryptographic item
How often is the Publications, Directives, and Reports Index published?
What type of a letter is used when corresponding outside of the Coast Guard?
CG Business Letter
What type of EPIRB has a frequency of 121.5Mhz/243 Mhz and is associated with survival craft?
Class S
A "pan pan" message would be associated with what type of message?
This type of a unit would be associated with Search and Rescue and conducts searches?
When first checking comms, the SRU should check-in with the OSC?
15 minutes prior to arriving on scene.
What threat advisory are we in when there is an elevated risk of terrorist attack, but a specific region of the US has not been identified as a target?
Yellow or Elevated
A coast guard station receiving a DSC distress alert is required to acknowledge within?
2.75 min
The alert signal consists of alternating tones of _____ and ______.
2200 hz and 1300 hz
How many digits in a MMSI number?
What do the first 3 digits of a MMSI number represent?
What MCPOCG earned a PhD while on Active Duty?
Fade line for a AAW gets drawn where?
Perpendicular to the plot
What is technique used to find the root cause of a problem?
The "why" technique
E-9 for the Air Force has the title of______?
Chief Master Seargeant
Who was the first Keeper Class of cutter named after?
Ida Lewis
For Marine Corps uniform, two silver stars on the collar equals what title?
Major General
If the judge is an O-4, what type of Court Martial must it be?
Special Court Martial
Which service did the Coast guard ensign orginiate from?
Revenue Cutter Service
What war did the Cutter TAMPA sink with all hands?
What was the first war that the CG was transferred entirely to the US Navy?
What word is commonly associated with the ALERT phase of distress?
MISLE stands for what?
Marine Information for Safty and Law Enforcement
SCI stands for?
Sensitive Compartment Information
What is the responsibility of an AAW picket?
to extend surveilance range of AAW
What is the primary purpose of AAW?
To detect and destroy incoming hostile raids
When a helo is checking in for either positive or advisory control, they must pass?
Planet Report
What is the definition of NOFORN?
Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals/Governments/Non-US Citizens
What office runs Rescue 21?
CG Cutters 180' feet and smaller are under the command of their
District Office.
CG Cutters 180' feet and over are under the command of
Area Commands.
Around 1848, the OIC's on the New Jersey and Long Island coasts were called
Title 14 of the U.S. Code cites that the CG is a?
Military Service
The Bronze Star was awarded to BMC Richard Patterson, a crew member of the _____ for his heroic actions.
CGC Point Welcome
Applicant minimum eligibility requirements for appointment to warrant grade must be completed by _____ of the year in which the Chief Warrant Officer Appointment Board convenes.
January 1st
CG Academy Cadets must be between the ages _____ of years of age.
18 to 22
A supervisor who is a first class petty officer is usually an
Executive Petty Officer
Upon completion of the employee review, the supervisor must, counsel the evaluee on the employee review after the Approving Official has completed his or her actions not later than ____ following the employee review period ending date.
30 Days
Exercise with an elevated heart rate for _____ at least ___ times a week.
30 minutes, 3
An _____ is a tool to help members reach career goals within the CG. It is a developmental action plan to move members from where they are to where they want to go.
Individual Development Plan (IDP)
_____ is defined as the collection of physical and emotional responses to any situation that disrupts a person's equilibrium.
If the danger of suicide seems immediate you should _____ and ______.
not leave the person alone and call a suicide prevention center
The CG Foundation Enlisted Education Grant program is for active duty personnel in pay grades
E-3 to E-9 with two or more years of CG service.
For property with a value of less than ____, a Report of Survey is not required.
What year did the CG adopt the Navy Rating System?
How many days after non-receipt of CCI does a receiving command have until they contact the shipping command -
5 Days
How long are classified material currier letters maintained for?
4 yrs
______ is defined as an overwhelming force or condition of such severity that it threatens loss of the vessel, cargo or crew unless immediate corrective action is taken.
Force majeure
The distance at which a certain light is visible in clear weather is?
Luminous light
The 55th U.S. Congress on ________ established the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer grade.
The CPO should ____ Command policy and _____ ____flaws that are detrimental to _____ or ______.
support, point out, morale or mission.
The first Coast Guardsman to advance to E-9 was ________.
Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin
The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard reports directly to the Commandant on all matters pertaining _____?
To the well-being of Coast Guard personnel.
The administrative and operational command and control center for the Coast Guard is ________.
The E-8 and E-9 pay grades were established by Congress with the enactment of Public Law 85-422 in_____?
May, 1958
The Commandant, a ____ star admiral, _____, _____, and ______ the overall activities of the Coast Guard.
four, plans, supervises, coordinates
The E-8 and E-9 pay grades were established by Congress with the enactment of Public Law _____?
How many major Headquarters directorates are below the Commandant?
The first Coast Guard chiefs were the former station keepers of the ________.
Life Saving stations
What are the three watchwords in the Commandant’s direction.
Readiness, Stewardship, People
This information must be included on all correspondence in the Coast Guard because it serves as the file number.
The Mishap Analysis Board appointed by the Commandant (G-KSE) is convened for a ________.
Class A mishap.
An incident occurred that resulted in property damage of approximately $150,000. This is classified as a ________.
Class C mishap.
Mishaps that are sufficiently serious to warrant formal Mishap Analysis Board action are classified as ________.
Class B mishaps.
Mishap investigations are conducted to ________.
Try to prevent reoccurrences of the incident.
When was the Coast Guard Formally created?
Who was the first CG MCPO
MCPO Kerwin
When did the first MCPO assume his/her title?
Who was the first SPAR MCPO?
Pearl Faurie
Who was credited with saving more than 600 lives and has earned 2 Gold and 3 Silver Life Saving Medals?
Joshua James
Who is the only Coastie to earn both the Medal of Honor and Gold Life Saving Medal?
Marcus Hanna
Who were the first five African-American SPARS?
Olivia J. Hooker, O. Winafred Byrd, Julia Mosley, Yvonne Cumberbatch, Aileen Cooke.
What is the significance of 1978?
All officer and enlisted career fields are open to women
Who was the first MCPO of the CG?
Charles Calhoun
When was the first CPO Academy class?
Who was the first Asian American female CWO?
Grace Parmalee
Who are the only recipients of the Silver Star Medal?
Benjamin F. Harrison, Willis Goff, Larry Villareal
The secondest highest award ever earned by a Coastie is the ___________?
Navy Cross
Who was awarded the CG Distinguished Service Medal and when?
William Boyce, Sept 17, 1918
During what war did revenue cutters capture 18 prizes unaided and assisted in the capture of two others.
During what war did the Cutter EAGLE recaptured the American vessels NANCY and MEHITABLE
During what war the Cutter PICKERING captured 10 prizes one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men.
The Cutter ______ captured 10 prizes one of which carried 44 guns and 200 men.
In what war did the Coast Guard augmented the Navy with shallow-draft craft.
WAR OF 1812
In what war did the Cutter JEFFERSON captured the first prize of the war.
WAR OF 1812
In what war did The Cutter SURVEYOR battled the British NARCISSIS in which their gallantry was praised by the British victors.
WAR OF 1812
In what war did The Cutter EAGLE defended itself against the DISPATCH even after it had been run ashore on Long Island from 9a.m. until late afternoon. When the crew ran out of cannon ammo they used pages from the logbook. Their flag was shot away 3 times.
WAR OF 1812
In what war did the Navy required the use of the Revenue Cutters steam-propelled cutters
In what war were cutters credited with Quelling a mutiny of troops on the MIDDLESEX
In what war did the Cutter HARRIET LANE fired the first shots of the Civil War.
In what war did CG Cutters performed blockade duty along the Atlantic Coast, Chesapeake Bay, and Potomac River?
In what war did 8 Cutters carrying 43 guns joined Rear Admiral William Sampson’s North Atlantic Squadron on blockade duty off of Cuba’s coast
In what war did The cutter MCCULLOCH was engaged in the battle at Manila Bay, and subsequently became the escort and dispatch boat with Commodore George Dewey’s Asiatic Squadron
In what war did 11 cutters served under the Army’s tactical control, guarding our important east and west coast ports
In what war did On May 11. 1898 in Cardenas Bay, Cuba, the cutter HUDSON and torpedo boat WINSLOW were engaged in battle with Spanish gunboats and shore batteries. The HUDSON rescued the crew of the WINSLOW
In what war did was the first time the entire Coast Guard was transferred to the Department of the Navy.
In what war did A major duty of the Coast Guard was to provide port security in the U.S.
In what war was there a higher percentage of coastguardsmen killed than any other service.
In what war was The Dangerous Cargo Act was passed giving Coast Guard jurisdiction over ships carrying explosives and dangerous cargos.
In what war did the Coast Guard was given responsibility of cold weather operations in Greenland?
In what war did the cutter NORTHLAND took the Norwegian trawler BOSKOE making it the first capture of the war?
In what war did Coast Guard manned ships sank 11 enemy submarines?
In what war did Coast Guard cutters performing convoy duties are credited with sinking 12 German U-boats?
In what war did Douglas Munro was the Coast Guard’s only Medal of Honor recipient earning it for action during the Battle of Guadalcanal?
In what war did Coast Guard craft rescued more than 1500 survivors of torpedo attacks off the U.S. coast. Cutters on convoy duty rescued another 1000?
In what war did Armed Coast Guardsmen patrolled the beaches and docks?
In what war did the Coast Guard’s role was marginal, primarily a role of support?
In what war was the Coast Guard utilized during operation “Market Time” by using shallow-draft warships?
In what war did Coast Guard LEDETs enforced UN sanctions against Iraq?
The Fishery Conservation and Management Act of ____ created a 200 mile offshore fishing zone to be controlled by the U.S. and enforced by the Coast Guard.
COMSEC Incidents are divided into what three categories?
Cryptographic, Personnel and Physical (CMS 21A)
The framework of the Coast Guard’s Marine Environmental Protection program is what act?
Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972.
Alexander Hamilton authorized ten cutters to enforce tariff laws in what year?
What is a collection of physical and emotional responses to any situation that disrupts a person’s equilibrium
If COMSEC equipment needs to be repaired, where do you send it?
Crypto Repair Facility (CRF)
When not in uniform, and colors is sounded, how do you render honors?
Turn and face the flag/music, stand at attention and place your hand over your heart.
If you are a Mast Rep, and given information regarding the case, you would treat this information as?
Who must you obtain permission fromBefore making a copy of a Top Secret document?
the Originator
What are the four types of comsec incident reports.
Initial, Amplifying, Final and Interim
What type of report is submitted for each COMSEC Incident?
Initial report
Which paragraph of an OPORDER contains Command and Control information?
Para 5
If information on communications can not be found in Para five of an OPORDER, where else do you look?
Annex Kilos
Humanitarian transfers are usually how many months long?
4 months
How soon after establishing a COMTAC account at a newly commissioned unit should it be inspected?
6 months (M2600.1, Ch 1)
What types of earrings are authorized for women?
¼ inch gold, silver or pearls. Diamond earrings authorized for dinner dress.
Reports of loss or possible compromise of classified COMTAC publications shall be made to?
ISIC Security Manager
How often is AIS certification required?
Every 5 years
How often is a COMTAC inspection done?
Risk assessment regarding AIS will be done how often?
Every 5 years
AIS Contingency plans should be tested at least?
What two criteria must be met prior to granting access?
Security clearance and a need-to-know
All TS and Secret information shall be strictly accounted for and covered by?
A continuous chain of signature receipts.
Accountability records for TS and Secret information shall be retained for?
4 years after final disposition.
All Registered mail shall be protected as what?
Secret material until determined otherwise.
All Certified and First Class mail (marked Postmaster do not forward - return to sender) shall be protected as?
Confidential material until determined otherwise.
All personnel who open official mail shall have a?
Secret clearance
All incoming packages containing classified material shall be inspected for?
All TS holdings shall be inventoried when?
Upon change of custodian or semiannually
All Secret holdings shall be inventoried when?
Upon change of custodian or annually.
A class-wide exception to classified storage aboard 378 WHECs has been granted for the safe located where?
In the CO's cabin
The CO's safe is authorized for storage up to and including...
Save combinations are recorded on what form?
Security Container Information Form, SF-700.
What is affixed to each safe for the purpose of checking each time it is opened or closed?
A Security Container Check Sheet, SF-702
What SOP shall be affixed to the outside front of the container?
Steps to be taken if the container is found open.
SF-702's are retained how long?
3 months
The purpose of the _____ is the securing and removal of classified information during a natural disaster or civil disturbance.
What are the 3 restricted areas?
Exclusion (most secure), Limited (2nd most secure) and Controlled (least secure).
Which restricted area could serve as a buffer zone
TS, Secret and Confidential cover sheets are SF what?
703, 704 and 705
Problems with automatic distribution should be handled by?
The command’s ISIC
Message corrections for publications are disseminated via?
General Message
Superseded classified CD-ROMs should be?
sent to NSA for disposal.