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Hindfoot Components
subtalar joint
Midfoot Components
midtarsal joint
Forefoot Components
MTP joints
IP joints
Subtalar Joint
-plane jt
-articulation between the talus and calcaneus
-allows mainly foot inversion and eversion
Midtarsal Joint
-calcaneocuboid + talonavicular joints
Talonavicular Joint
-ball and socket
-allows DF, PF, ER and IR
dorsal talonavicular
plantar calcaneonavicular
Calcaneocuboid Joint
-plane jt
-allows inversion/eversion
dorsal calcaneocuboid
bifurcate calcaneocuboid
short plantar
long plantar
TMT Joints
-plane jts
-allow FL and EXT
dorsal TMT lig
plantar TMT lig
interosseous TMT lig
MTP Joints
-condyloid jts
-allow FL and EXT, slight ABD,ADD,circumduction
LCL,MCL,plantar lig, deep transverse MT lig
IP Joints
-hinge jts
-allow FL and EXT
-LCL, MCL, plantar ligs
OKC Subtalar Pronation
-calcaneal eversion
-calcaneal ER
-calcaneal DF
OKC Subtalar Supination
-calcaneal inversion
-calcaneal IR
-calcaneal PF
CKC Subtalar Pronation
->heel strike to midstance
-calcaneal eversion
-talar med. rotation
-talar PF
-tib/fib med. rotation
CKC Subtalar Supination
->midstance to toe off
-calcaneal inversion
-talar lat. rotation
-talar DF
-tib/fib lat. rotation
Structures limiting Subtalar inversion
-calcaneofibular lig
-lat. talocalcaneal lig
-interosseous talocalcaneal lig
-peroneal tendons
-sustentaculum tali and medial talar tubercle
Structures limiting Subtalar eversion
-tibiocalcaneal lig (deltoid)
-med talocalcaneal lig
-interosseous talocalcaneal lig
-post tib, FDL and FHL tendons
-lat talar process
Midtarsal Joint
-2 axes of motion
-long axis: mainly inv/ever
-oblique: PF&DF, ER&IR
Midtarsal Joint Pronation
eversion, ER, and DF
-medial arch drops
-midfoot more MOBILE
-coincides with subtalar movement
-occurs at heel strike
Midtarsal Joint Supination
inversion, IR, and PF
-midfoot RIGID for transfer of weight from hindfoot to forefoot
-occurs at heel off and toe off
-conincides with subtalar mvmt
Forefoot Supination Twist
-ray 1 & 2: DF
-ray 4 & 5: PF
forefoot inverts
occurs from heel strike to initial loading
Forefoot Pronation Twist
-ray 1 & 2: PF
-ray 4 & 5: DF
forefoot everts
occurs from heel off to toe off
Standing forces on foot
60% across heel
28% forefoot
8% midfoot
4% toes
Walking forces on foot
vertical force highest at foot flat, decrease slightly, then increase again at heel off
Plantar Fascia Function
-shock absorber
-distributes forces
-stabilizes midfoot

*inflammation may occur with overuse or bone spur presence
Foot Pronation Muscles
peroneus longus
peroneus brevis
extensor digitorum longus
Foot Supination Muscles
tibialis posterior
tib anterior
ext. hallucis longus