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agricultural society
society focused on farming
a place where armies engage war
Battle of Gettysburg
major Northern victory that turned the tide of the of the Civil War
Battle of Vicksburg
North gained control of the Mississippi River which led to division of the South
blocking of a place by military forces especially by ships to control who or what goes in or out
border states
five slave states that remanied in the union
civil war
a war beetween regions of the same country
compromise of 1805
allowed california to enter union as a free state and gave southwest territory the right to decide about slavery.
unfair treatment based on race or sex rater then merit
dred scout decision
supreme court that declared slaves as property
Emancipation proclamation
the announcement issued by Lincoln in 1863 whitch said that all slaves in the confederate states were free
dred scout decision
supreme court that declared slaves as property
to join
First Battle of Manassas
first major battle of the cival war; also known as the battle of bull run
Gettysburg Address
Lincoln`s address that stated the Civil War was to preserve a government of, by, and for the people
during war, places where battles did not take place
John Brown`s Raid
a protest against slavery at Harpers Ferry
Kansas-nebraska Act
the slavery issue was decided by the will of people
labor intensive cash crops
farm crops which require many workers to produce , such as tabbaco
Missouri Compromise
to maintain the balance of power in the Senate,Missouri became a slave stateand Maine became a free state .
popular sovereignty
a pre-Civil policy that allowed voters in a newly organized territory to decide whether or not to have slavery
to have withdrawn formally from a organizationor nation
sectional tension
disagreements between two areas of a country
the separation of people,usually blacks and whites
a tax placed on goods imported into a country
detailed description of a place or region;lay of land
the United States of America regarded as a nation, especially during the Civil War
urban society
relating to a city, the communities surrounding it, and the commercial production and sale of goods by people in that society