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a change that is made or added to the Constitution.
a person who favored states rights and opposed the adoption of the United States Constitution.
Articles of Confederation
the plan of government set up by the Continenttal Congress;under this plan Congress ran the national government but most power remained with the states.
Bill of Rights
the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution which list the fundimental right of the citizens;1791
checks and balences
a system in which each branch of goverment can; to some degree; prevent or control the outer bench
the buying and selling of goods in large amounts
the settlement of a dispute in which each side gives up some of its demands in order to reach an agreement
a plan of government;1788
money in actual use in a country
a person who favored a strong censtral government and favored the adoption of the united states constitution
founding fathers
members of the constitutional convention that drafted the united states constitution in 1787
the group of people in charge of ruling a country state city or country
louisiana purchase
land bought from France west of the mississippi river tothe pacific ocean ; doubled the size of the united states;1803
Monroe Doctrine
doctrine that warned european nations not to become involved in affairs of the americas;1823
proportion representation
to insure that citizens were fairly represented in one branch of Congress,the House of Representatives, members were elected on a state's population.