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what is the stamp act???
1765. George Grenville's idea. Virtually every peice of paper in the colonies was taxed, but the tax was small.
What the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STIX is mercantilism???
a theory or philosophy. A nation's power is based on it's wealth.
Who's George Grenville???
William Pitt's bro-in-law. Elected British prime minister in 1763
Who are the sons of liberty?
a secret organization in Boston, led by Sam Adams, as a reaction to the stamp act.
Who's Sam Adams? NO, NOT THE BEER!!!!
John Adam's cousin. leader of the sons of liberty.
what was the Boston massacre???
March 5, 1770: a snowball fight turned deadly. 5 were killed, 6 were injured.
declaratory act???
asserted parliament's full right to make laws "to bind the colonies and people of America ... in all cases whatsoever."
treaty of paris???
in september 1783, the delegates signed the treaty of paris, which confirmed u.s. independence and set the boundaries of the new nation
articles of confederation???
a new set of laws proposed by congress.
committees of correspondence???
communicated with other colonies about threats to American liberties.