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What was Jefferson's political philosophy?
Strong state and local government
Citizen participation
Limit national government
Strict interpretation of Constitution
What was Hamilton's political philosophy?
Power in federal government
Strong national government
Rule by wealthy and educated
Loose interpretation of Constitution
the group of department heads who serve as the President's chief advisers
appointed by the President
protective tariff
a tax on imported goods that protects a nation's businesses from foreign competition
excise tax
a tax on the production, sale, or consumption of goods produced within a country
Edmund Genet
young diplomat from France
tries to win American support for war
Judiciary Act of 1789
Created a judicial structure; Supreme Court, 5 associat justices, sets up federal circuit and district courts
Little Turtle
Miami Indian chief
Leads Miami Confederacy in battles against Americans
The departments created by President Washington
Dept. of State: Thomas Jefferson
Dept. of War: Henry Knox
Dept. of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton
Attorney General: Edmund Randolph
John Jay
American politician
negotiates treaty with the British
gets them to leave their posts in Northwest Territory
allows British to continue fur trade on American side of Canadian border
placing the interests of one's own region ahead of the interests of the nation as a whole
this occurred in the election between Adams and Jefferson
North: Adams; South: Jefferson