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Article 1101
Demand for a court martial
Article 1102
Limitations on certain punishments
Article 1103
Suspension or arrest of an officer
Article 1104
Treatment and release of prisoners
Article 1105
Places of Confinement
Article 1106
Temporary restoration to duty
Article 1107
Refusal to return to duty
Article 1108
Accusations, replies and counter charges
Section 1 of US Navy Regs Chap 11 deals with?
Administration of Discipline
Section 2 of US Navy Regs Chap 11 deals with?
Standards of conduct
Article 1110
Standard of Conduct
Article 1112
Lending of money and engaging in a trade or business
Article 1111
Pecuniary dealings with enlisted persons
Article 1113
Endorsement of commercial product or processes
Article 1114
report of excess or deficit of public money or property
Article 1115
Report of Fraud
Article 1116
Administrative control of funds
Section 3 of US Navy Regs Chap 11 deals with?
Official Records
Article 1120
Personal Privacy and Rights of
Individuals Regarding Their
Personal Recrds.
Article 1121
1121. Disclosure. Publication end Security
of Official Information.
Article 1122
1122. Adverss Matter in Officer Fitness
Reports and Enlisted Performance
Evaluation Reports.
Article 1123
1123. Adverse Entries in Medical and
Dental Records.
Article 1124
1124. misconduct and line of duty findings
Article 1125
1125. Inspection of the record of persons in the Naval Service
Article 1126. ****
1126. correction of Naval records ****
Article 1127
1127. Control of official records
Article 1128
1128. Official records in civil courts
Article 1129
1129. Records of fitness
Section 4 of the US Navy Regs Chap 11 deals with
Duties of individuals
Article 1130
Officers duties relative to laws, orders and regulation
Article 1131
1131. requirement of Exemplary Conduct
Article 1132
1132. Compliance of Lawful Orders
Article 1133
1133. Language reflecting on a superior.
Article 1134
1134. Exchange of Duty
Article 1135
1135 Relations with foreign Nations
Article 1136
1136. Foreign religious instruction
Article 1137.
1137. Obligation to report offenses
Article 1138.
1138. Responsibilities concerning marijuana, narcotics and other controlled substances.
Article 1139.
1139. rules for preventing collisions afloat and in the air.
Article 1140
1140. Capture by an enemy
Article 1141
1141. Code of Conduct for Armed Forces of the United States
Article 1142
1142. Unavoidable separation from a command
Article 1143
1143. Report of a communicable disease
Article 1144
1144. Immunization
Article 1145
1145. Service examinations
Section 5 of US Navy Regs Chap 11 Deals with?
Rights and Restrictions
Article 1150
1150. Redress of wrong committed by a superior
Article 1151
1151. Direct communication with the commanding officer
Article 1152
1152. Suggestions for improvement
Article 1153.
1153. Combinations for certain purposes prohibited
Article 1154
1154. Communications to the congress
Article 1155
1155. Dealings with members of congress
Article 1156
1156. Forwarding individual requests
Article 1157.
1157. Leave and Liberty
Article 1158
1158. Quality and quantity of rations
Article 1159
1159. Possessions of Weapons
Article 1160
1160. Possession of government and property
Article 1161
1161. Uniforms, arms and outfits
Article 1162
1162. Alcoholic beverages
Article 1163
1163. Discharge of oil trash and garbage
Article 1164
1164. Equal opportunity and treatment
Article 1165
1165. Fraternization prohibited
Article 1166
1166 Sexual Harrassment