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Republican Party 1854
Wanted the non-expansion of slavery. Purely sectional in the north east. wanted "freedom national" and "slavery sectional" First to run in the party is Fremont.
Homestead Act 1862
People were offered 160 acrs. for free but in 5 years you must prove that you have cultivated the land. Not many people did this because it was costly. About $200-300 to travel and about $1,000 to set up farm.
Kansas Nebraska Act
This land laid in within the Louisiana Purchase and the Missouri Compromise prohibited slavery in this area. The people there wanted popular soveirgnty which was that the people should be able to vote if the slaves can be free or not. Led by Stephan Douglas.
Compromise of 1850
Cali would be a free state. Fugitive slave law (if caught helping a slave federal crime). Utah and New Mexico desided it would be up to the people. The slave trade in D.C. is abolished.
Greenback Party
Paper money called Greenback Certificate to redeem gold. Used in civil war. Treasury issued about 3.2 billion in bonds and this money.
The Great American Desert
This was caused by the people who settled by the Great Salt Lake because they didn't have fresh water. Built irragation systems. Only caused the dirt to turn up and that caused dust storms.
Assosiation of farmers. Wanted private ownership of rail roads. Wanted max prices for the rail roads.
Brigham Young
Brought the Mormans to Utah and followed the ways of Joseph Smith after he and his brother we charged with treason.
Bleeding Kansas
Leads to the civil war. John Brown who was anti slavery felt the only way to get the indians off the land was through violence.
Joseph Smith founded mormanism in the 1820's. He claimed to have found the book of morman and had a direct revolation with God. They practiced polygamy which is when they could have many wives. They settled in Utah by the Great Salt Lake because no body would live out there because of the land conditions.