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Member of the Western Christian church, a faith based on the principles of the Reformation, and that protested against the Catholic Church
Member of the Church of England
English Protestants who believed in strict religious discipline and that churches should be plain and undecorated; brought reform to Church of England
Wanted their own church; not accepted; leader was William Bradford
English Separatists who founded the colony of Plymouth in New England
13 Colonies
Original British Colonies in North America that rebelled against British rule and proclaimed their independence on July 4, 1776; they became the first 13 states of the United States of America
First succesful English Colony near Chesapeake Bay in Virginia; established by John Smith
James Oglethorpe
Established Georgia Colony
Mayflower Compact
First governing document of Plymouth Colony; drafted by the Pilgrims; agreement for self-government
Ship upon which the Pigrims came to Plymouth from Great Britain
One of the first Native Americans to make contact with the Pilgrims
One of the first Native Americans to make contact with the Pilgrims
Negotiated a peace treaty with the colonists guaranteeing their security in exchange for their alliance against the Narragansett; created alliances with colonial leaders
John Carver
Pilgrim leader and first governor of Plymouth Colony; chartered the Mayflower
Edward Winslow
Pilgrim leader and governor of the Plymouth Colony
William Bradford
Leader of the Separatists and major signer of the Mayflower Compact
Captain John Smith
Established first English settlement of Jamestown in Virginia
Massachusetts Bay Colony
English settlement on the east coast of North America, in New England
New England Colony founded by Roger Conant; famous for the Salem Witch Trials
Division of 13 Colonies
New England, Middle, Southern