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What is Gradual Emancipation?
Gradual Emancipation is when a slave turns 30 they are free in the north. Unfortunatly, there was no restriction on selling so slave owners could sell the slaves to the south when they were 29 and they would be stuck in slavery.
What is Manumission?
Manumission was a practice put to effect in the south. Lots of slave owners would free their slaves in their will when they died.
What are Federalists?
Federalists want their to be a strong national government that holds the majority of power.
Anti federalists were opposed to the ideas of federalists. They did not not want a strong central government. Most the people who made up anti federalists were farmers and smaller states.
What is the Virginia Plan?
The virginia plan would have two houses in congress. The number of representatives would be represented by a states population. The lower house was to be selected by voters, then the lower house would select the upper house who would select the executive and supreme court.
What is the New Jeresy Plan?
The new jersey plan would only have one house in congress that would appoint the executive and the supreme court. Each state would have one representative. The plan also gave some powers to government such as the power to tax and the power to regulate commerce.
What are the Articles of Confederation?
The Articles of Confederation was the U.S's first government. Each state had one representative in congress. There were no executives. There was no higher government that had the power to tax or draft. Each state had its own taxing rules. To change the structure of government, 13/13 states had to approve.
What is the, "Great Compromise?"
The great compromise was a two part congress. Laws had to go through both of them. There was the senate and the house of representatives. The house of representatives
What is the 3/5 compromise.
The 3/5 compromise is when they were trying to decide how much a slave should be counted when deciding how many representatives a state should have. They decided that a slave should count for 3/5's a person.